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Ok, so my friend just sent me a picture of Wonho and for some reason, my brain was like... "Where did he get the stage name Wonho? Where did this stage name come into play?" I feel really silly not knowing, but if someone could explain where Wonho came into play, I would be very grateful. I can't make any sense of it because of Shin Hoseok. @mbg3t Monbebe's @JohnEvans @jjrockstar
I'm not really sure. I've always refer to him as Wonhoe. because he acts like a hoe xD
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I also think he didn't want to be confused with JHope...Jung Hosoek.
Sorry, I'm very late~ I'm not sure if this will help, but... Wonho means "to protect". Wonho is Monbebe's protector~ I remember this Vlive from last year that shows a perfect example of Wonho being protective over Monbebe 😊 (start at 15:35)
"Wonho ='s helping and caring for those around me... " just like him... he helps and cares for those he cherishes...