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These just came in. The one with the girl is No Game No Life and the other is Mob Psycho
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ha if i wear the No game no life one i might be called a pervet cause of shiros legggs馃槀馃槀
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Waaaahh!!! sugoi!!!! Where did you get them? *.*
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@HunnaBallue aliexpress
a year ago
@HunnaBallue that's where I get 75 percent of my anime shirts
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@culversyanne Thank you ^^ I've gotten most of mine from HotTopic some of their shirts are pretty awesome, but yours are epic 馃槒馃
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@HunnaBallue i get some of mine there too. but they just have the popular anime that people watch and aliexpress has a wide range of anime to choose from
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@HunnaBallue and the place has a bunch of other choices too
a year ago