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I am alive, But I'm not living. I am enduring life, Not enjoying it. I have no real friends, Only acquaintances. I do everything for the sake of others, I do nothing for myself. I am selfishly selfless. Desiring to keep those around me happy, Yet I silently crumble in my own despair. Moments like these overtake me day by day, Although you could never tell, Because I smile it all away. Yes, I do enjoy life. More so, my children. For without them, I would be nothing. Without my husband, I am not even a wife, Without my parents and siblings, I'd have no meaning to my life. So without family, I am nothing. No one. So for family, I am grateful. For the love of my family is faithful. There is always light at the end of the tunnel which keeps me pushing on. I need rest. I need a break. That I will admit. If only, those around me, And my god, Would permit. Fin