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안녕하세요 친구!!

Hello lovely Storias and soon to be Storias!! I'm so sad that I couldn't find individual photos of them in those costumes but it's okis. Aren't they cute?! So this SSG will be like a story hopefully. ㅠㅠ Idk what I'm doing just have fun and tag the mods if you play.
December means Christmas is right around the corner and you hope to spend it with this guy.
You have found the perfect tree with this guy or did you..
But before decorating the tree you made some drinks for the two of you
And you both went all out on decoration the tree which looked like so (or no tree)
With all the hard work he put in, you guys make some yummy Christmas treats, for everyone (that didn't help) lol
You let the guys know that you had some gift wrapping to do and these two jumped in to help you (screenshot twice)
The gift wrapping theme all three of you settled on
Now came decorating your house (yes all same day hypothetically) How outrageous did the boys and you do?
After realizing how high your electricity bill will be, this guy sang & danced to Christmas songs dedicated to you while wearing one of your themed headbands. **make sure to click over for the headband**
You're standing under the mistletoe and only one guy remained....was it the one you hoped for **Let's see if anyone gets the same guy as the first screenshot**