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Spotlight Anime: Character of the Week
Hello.....It's me.... @SimplyAwkard here to give you guys this week's anime spotlight and this week is Maki Nishikino from Love Live!
So lets learn about this cute idol shall we?

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Facts about Maki

> One of the Nine Main characters
> Born on April 19 and is an Aries
> She is 15 years old and a first year in high school
> 161 cm Tall and her Blood type is AB


Maki has tsundere qualities and has trouble admitting her feelings to her peers, shes stubborn, her hobbies are playing the piano , composing songs for the group, stargazing and loves photography
If you want to learn more about maki, here is the link! and I hope to see you guys liked the spotlight character of the week! Is she your favorite character? and if so why? Drop a comment down below!

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