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Hello once again! @Sailynn here to bring you the very first round of the the Weekly Bias Challenge!
Something new for everyone to play in order to kick start their week!^^
In case you missed my Intro/Example card, I gotchu fam! :D
Are you ready?



And now, our first ever guests!

Flower Boys!

Nu'est~ Ren

Mini Blurb~

Stage Name: Ren
Position: Sub-Vocalist, Dancer, Maknae
Birthday: November 3, 1995
Height: 178 cm (5’10”)
Weight: 56 kg (123 lbs)
Personality: Unpredictable cute guy with metro sexual charm

Quick Facts~

- Mood maker of NU‘EST.
- Named as the member of the group with the cutest charm.
- Has yet to change his hair color from blonde.

Super Junior~ Heechul

Mini Blurb~

Stage Name: Heechul
Position: Vocalist, Rapper
Birthday: July 10, 1983
Height: 179 cm (5’10”)
Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)
Hobbies/Specialties: Writing poems, Writing fairy tales, Computer games
Instagram: @kimheenim

Quick Facts~

He said that he’s good-looking, smart and talented, but no one’s perfect, that’s why he has a bad-temper.
Doesn’t wait for someone for more than 10 mins. Time and punctuality is very important for him.
Cares a lot about his image. He doesn’t want to even blink in front of the cameras.

BTS~ Jin

Mini Blurb~

Stage name: Jin
Position: Vocal
Birthday: December 4, 1992
Height: 179 cm (5’10” 1/2)
Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)
Nicknames: Princess Jin, Pink Princess

Quick Facts~

Bangtan members place him as the 1st in terms of visuals.
He’s very confident about his looks, especially about his tick lower lip and his broad shoulders.
Jimin on Jin: “He’s the oldest, but he likes to whine.” [After School Club]
*dramatic background music*
Remember, there are no right or wrong choices but do think about Strength, Stamina, and Brains!
If you need to do some research on of of the idols, you're more than welcome to do so!

Make sure to explain WHY! ;D

I'll be dropping my choice before next week's game!^^

Best of luck to everyone!

Is YOUR bias in this round? Tell me if you were challenged or not down below!

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K -@KittenFear
Now after reading all of the comments my choice seems rather Taboo.... but despite the fact that Jin is my bias I would choose him. Yes he is the Pink Princess but I feel out of the three he would have more drive to protect me (although lets be honest I would end up protecting him). ... Ren is very quiet and reserved so I dont see him jumping up to play the game though he might surprise me... and Heechul..... yea dont get me started on mr suju savage over there
Jin all the way! He may be the prettiest thing ever, but he's also tough and willing to be there to back up anyone that needs him. Anyone willing to take on the Tiger to save his sons is incredibly fierce and a great partner to have on your side!
I'm not familiar with these guys so I'm basing my decision on the descriptions given in the post. Heechul seems too concerned with his appearance so that may hinder him in a potential physical challenge. Jin 'likes to whine' so he may not want to do a specific task or at least hesitate before doing it, causing precious time, because he is reluctant. I'm picking Ren because he is a dancer so he will have better agility and his 'unpredictable' nature means he could have some surprises up his sleeves.
There are pros and cons on these three men. I'm not being completely biased, but my choice would be Jin. Not only is the the strongest (told by BTS themselves) but he does have the knowledge and skills to be able to survive in outdoors. I don't see him as very competitive though so that could be a downfall of him... but I'm very competitive so that helps. Hahah He's also very caring and he's very smart. Not to mention, his puns would get us in trouble for laughing too much, but this is a chance I'm willing to take. Hahah So if I had to choose a partner, it'd be him.
I have to go with Jin. He's self confident about his looks and his strength. According to the other members, he has the best body, and we know he has very broad shoulders. I like that he takes care of his 'kids', and cooks very well. Jin is in the jungle right now, so I'm sure he can survive the outdoors.
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