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I have been absent for a while, but I have good reasons I swear! ^~^;
Boy do I have a story to tell you guys. WARNING: LONG STORY THAT MAY OR MAY NOT BE CONSIDERED AS AN EXCUSE .-. So, my absence for a longer than normal period of time was because my previous phone which was a Samsung Galaxy S3, was stolen from me. Along with various other things that made no sense to steal. It was partially my fault though, I will acknowledge that. The way it happened was there was a marching band competition that night and my phone was off, so when we got ready to leave I put my phone in my uniform bag in a small pocket (the bag is foldable so that you can fit it in this pocket for storage) that you literally WILL NOT SEE unless you actually look for it. So, after that I take said uniform bag, my school bag, my shoebox and a sweater that I brought with me and I put it all in the percussion room. ONLY PERCUSSION (like myself) CAN GO IN THIS ROOM, NOT EVEN GUITAR CAN GO IN. After the competition was over, I was getting checked out by my parents so we could go eat at IHOP, and my stuff was left in that room. The competition was on a weekday and I had left my things there over night before so I wasn't too worried. BUT NO, I WAS WRONG. So I come back the next day to my uniform bag gone, sweater missing, shoebox gone and my school bag opened and ransacked. Obviously they were looking for something, what ever it was I don't know and won't know. It happened back in late August, but I'm still salty. I didn't get a new phone until recently so I'm only now getting various accounts logged back into and other things. IM SO SALTY THOUGH
As an apology, I have put up what little Kpop photos I have on my new phone ;-;
Forgot to mention that I actually got my shoebox and sweater back, untouched. It was kinda weird... .-.
Ok enough of my rambling, you guys go enjoy Vingle and all of it's fulfillment :) Have fun!!
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Oh my god, that's terrible!! I know the feeling bruh, we where at our last football game, I had taken my uniform off at the end so I could go home, when I got back to school the following Monday, my uniform, gauntlets, and gloves where missing. I had to get fitted for another one after explaining to my very aggravated band director.....it was extremly embarrassing because I'm a section leader. That suck you lost your stuff fam ~NCT Mod, Jordan