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I am fangirling so hard and its so bad of me for not knowing BtoB members but I love their interaction with B.A.P. like Omo. I am starting new ships once I learn names!
Zelo and I dub you red haired man zelo omo you have an oppa! Oh look he's taking care of zelo. yes you give him water Oh Oh what's this your sharing!!! Yes you two are adorable together!
why hello Yongup! you Want in there too?? okay oh no they discluded you, its okay you'll get picked up soon :)
Wow yongup! This escalated so fast! innocent touching, holding hands, jealous ex Oh Oh no he didn't! he went for the girls and shuns him.
This is just too funny! then approach and wink like yea babe I'm getting lucky tonight! lol oh to Much!!
Omo I love how they want to stay with the girls. like let me join you in your world!
Okay my fangirling over this is simmering down. Oh so much fan girling happening and shipping starting. It Just Happened! ;) lol But I'll be done. sorry for not knowing BtoB names crys* I need to be tutored I want to say thank you so much to @LemonLassie for posting a video card earlier which is where I saw this at!
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The red haired guy is MinHyuk. It's his bday today. He is the most athletic and fastest idol out there. MinHyuk is the 'mom' of BTOB, while sandy blond EunKwang is the 'dad'. MinHyuk is a rapper that sings very well and plays guitar. He also is an actor, and you can see him in Nightmare Teacher, Sweet Savage Family, and a few other dramas. You'll love BTOB once you get to know them, as they are the sweetest, kindest, and dorkiest idol group. BTOB is friends with so many idol groups, especially VIXX. Their fandom are the Melodies....and we don't fan war with anyone. BTOB is probably the most underrated idol group out there. All 7 members are very talented in many different ways. The girl group there is Mamamoo, and BTOB has a great relationship with them also. They have sung each other's song on stage, and MinHyuk and Moon Byul look like they could be siblings.
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I don't make a lot of cards on Vingle, but I do have a whole set on BTOB from the BTOB challenge. Though I love a lot of groups, BTOB is special, as they are so underrated and underappreciated. I'm sure you've seen them perform and not realize it. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B77cEJ6a_wawT3RtVXU2MTVXSUE/view