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How does he help you cope with stress?
Also please ignore the terrible editing skills in this photo
If you do not like sexual topics you do not have to read this
This is a continuation of my smut series, but will also be taking place in the Kpop or Korean Hip-Hop Fanfiction Contest
Contest Holders
I was sitting at my desk configuring the latest theme for our monthly magazine company. But in surprise I received a call from the office phone. I cleared my throat and answered, "Editing team, this is (y/n)."
"I need you up here." Before I was able to recognize the voice it hung up. I took a guess and headed to the boss' room. I knocked on the door before having him open the door and pull me in.
"Jimin! You don't need to pull me." I yelled in surprise. I then straightened my clothes in a business matter.
"We're changing the theme." He said, not wasting anymore time.
"Why? You know how long we have been waiting for this, Christmas is right around the corner! We won't have enough time to come up with a whole other idea within 2 weeks!" I yelled losing my mind.
"Calm down, I have already came up with an idea, and since Christmas isn't far away I thought the theme I have in mind will go along."
"Go on." I sighed impatiently
"Sexy." The expression on his face changed.
The next day I couldn't get the thought out of my head. I was probably the most stressed I have been since I started working here.
"Changing the theme all of a sudden?! What is wrong with him" I said slipping on my button up. I slipped on my grey pencil skirt, making sure to tuck my shirt. I made sure to grab my grey jacket and purse before driving off to work. I gripped the steering wheel extra tight with all the pent up frustration; I felt like I wanted to bang my head on the steering wheel.
"That jerk!" I stopped the car and stomped in the building.
"Noona! Are you okay?" I turned around and saw my underling.
"No, that jerk changed the theme last minute, and its so frustrating." I said to Jungkook.
"What's the theme?"
"Sexy." I gritted my teeth at the word.
Once I was inside I was called up by Jimin.
"I bet you're really stressed, you want me to help you with that?" He said while twirling my hair.
"Yeah, change the theme back." I said faintly as his fingers grazed my skin.
"Orders are orders sweetie." He said his hands finally landing on my neck.
"Want me to make it easier for you." Then his lips touched the back of my neck. I shivered at the tingly feeling.
"Things come by easier with experience. Wanna try?" I nodded slowly arching my neck.
Smut starts here Warning MATURE CONTENT AHEAD
His hands snaked around my waist as his tongue left a trail from my neck to me ear. I grabbed his hand at the feeling. His hands migrated to my below parts, then massaging it bare. I bit my lip from the wonderful sensation, and from holding back my moan. My nails dug in the upper part of his arm.
"Jimin. ughh. It's too much." I moaned as he rubbed even faster. He removed his fingers from my underwear and put them in my mouth, having me taste myself.
"How dare you come to work today dressed like that!" I looked down and saw that one of my buttons weren't fixed, so my cleavage was showing. His hands reached for your shirt successfully unbuttoning it and tossing it. He then unclasped my bra and put it behind him. He brought me to his chair and pushed me down. He then grasped the end of my skirt and pulled it revealing my pink underwear. I pulled his tie and brought him in for a kiss. As we were in a deep kiss I started to unbutton his shirt. showing his well built abs. My lips trailed down from his lips down to the zipper of his pants. I undid the zipper and pulled his pants down then standing back up and kissing him once more.
"You're such a tease (y/n)." He said picking me up and sitting on the chair.
"Ride me (y/n)." I smiled and started to move my hips in a circular motion teasing him even more. I laughed pulling him in for a sloppy kiss.
"(y/n)." He growled, I obeyed and slid down on him. Having both of us moan out in pleasure. I started of slow to have the pain fade. I moaned as his tip grazed my spot. I started moving faster hearing our skin making contact. It was echoing along with our quiet moans and growns. I put my head in the crook of his neck as his head was leaning back, I bit softly at his light skin.
"Ahh, you feel so great Jimin." I said breathing in his ear. Within a few seconds he pushed me on the desk my boobs coming in contact with the cold surface. He entered me without warning and I groaned.
"Ugghh. Jimin." He started to moved his hips forward snapping back in me. I moaned as his hips moved faster and harder in me. I used my hands to keep myself up, I reached behind me and grabbed his arm my nails digging in his skin making marks. I felt immense pleasure rising up and I moaned louder then ever.
"Jimin, I'm c-close." I whispered.
"Me too babe." My eyes widened at the word 'babe' but I then smiled, my wave of pleasure overcoming me. He moaned and let his seed spill in me.
"You see, during Christmas time, most couples would get together and spend Christmas together, and sexy would go along. Don't you think?" He said getting right back to business.
"Sure." I nodded putting my clothes back on and heading back. Before opening the door, "Maybe I should come into work like this all the time." I said to him. He winked, "You're welcome anytime."
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