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Fairy Tail rp
I have a Fairy Tail rp that needs more people, if you would like to join then text me on kik @The_Batgirl654 or dm me here. Everyone is welcome we are friendly in the chat
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Sounds like fun 馃槉
10 months agoReply
it really is fun lol @DaHigster05
10 months ago
is this my chat lucy
10 months agoReply
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@RubyHatfield. can I join that chat lucy
10 months ago
Oooo \^_^/
9 months agoReply
@Lisanna10 Yeah it's a very fun rp even though it's very inactive lol we just need more people
9 months agoReply
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@Lisanna10 Mhm 馃榾
9 months ago
@Lisanna10 @RubyHatfield I can second that
9 months agoReply