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Ima sound like everyone else here but this is why he's my bias, his thoughts are deeper than the sea. He really know the deepest things, he's so philosophical and smart and...AAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHH I CAN NOT WITH HIM! He makes me think a lot more than I'm used to 😫 dude, if he was a psychology? teacher, I would need to take notes I would totally pay attention. My favorite wise words he said was when he was talking about how eating ramen when you're hungry, that's happiness. I'm keeping quotes and phrases of what kpop idols, it's been mostly BTS, say because I like to read them and I love them and I should start a Joonie entry. My sister saw this before me and she was like "Rap Monster thinks a lot" and I was like yeah, I know and she was like "No, but, like REALLY thinks, like deep thoughts about life and stuff" and I smile and just say, yeah I know 😊 I watched him on the V app and I only saw the part where he talks about the tree. Namjoon's brain is a beautiful tree.
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Aww ♡
10 months ago
For a moment I was so into charming Namjoon that when I saw the last gif I cracked up @kimnam94
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my bae is so beautiful inside and out😍😍😍😍
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I love this man so much having just a conversation with this man would be amazing he is definitely one of a kind.
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i could totally talk with him for hours....these types of things i cant talk about with most people! 🙂
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