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안녕하세요 친구!!

Welcome lovely Melodies and soon to be Melodies to another Tuesday with me. I missed last week but alas here's to another will get all types of notifications from me so beware. Anywho...just doing a little throwback with this lovely man and the first time I biased him (before Peniel took over) when I saw him in a MV. Let's see here.


Okis I'm dead....come back next week. JK
But seriously, first time I actually biased him on Sundays was when I noticed him in Hyuna's MV "Roll Deep" Check it out. I personally like her in this amazes me how she can pull off that itch, beautiful, pretty, sexy look off. *taking notes*
But let's enjoy Ilhoon's gif!! That hand & lipseu
That look & teeth!
That finger and head cocking move. Yasss
Too many clips!!! But that collarbone though oh la la
Ugh...I was enjoying your abs Ilhoon...gosh.
Jajaj yas Sungjae wants your lips Hoonie... I mean me too but Peniel is calling me....brb

Comment below when did you first notice Ilhoon? Was it during BTOB? Perhaps another MV like myself? Now? I want to know.

Legit noticed him in HyunA's mv too! 😃💙
yay!!! thought I was the only one
I first noticed him during Wow, which is the first BTOB mv I had seen. He wasn't my bias at first but he is now=)
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@IsoldaPazo yes he isXD
Haha Ilhoon...can you imagine if he actually had all those tattoos though sol, He would kill us eveen more.
omo!!! I know 😖😖😖 oh God we died bias fake tattoos lmbo