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So heres day 81 my favorite episode. I have more then one this section as well. I'll name three of my favorite episodes but forgive me for not knowing what the title of the episode is because I don't remember titles much. So lets get started with my all time favorite Inuyasha.
One of my all time favorite episode is when Sesshomaru meets Rin. This episode was sad but cute at the same time.
My second favorite is light meeting Ryuk. Lights face was priceles when he frist met Ryuk. Also I like when Ryuk frist tasted an apple from the human world.
My last one is when Rukia and Ichigo actually talk face to face. I have to say that made me laught really hard.
I know this one is early but I won't be able to get on later today. Any way that's day 81 next is day 82 most annoying anime character. Man I have a list for this one.