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Hey Monbebes, and future Monbebes! It's your Thor Mod support Nat, here to give you a MX history lesson. Today starts the first day of our new two week event, that our awesome mod @MonAnnahiX has come up with, that will help you get to know more about our lovely seven boys. And seeing how its Monday our event will start off with our cute Joohoney. And not just any Joohoney but young fetus predebut Lee Jooheon.
Now just to get the basics out of the way. Full Name: Lee Jooheon Birthdate: October 6th 1994 Height: 177cm (5'10) Weight: 63kg (143lbs) Blood Type: O
Where should we start with today's history lesson? J: Let's start off simple, let's not confuse them.
Alright! since we're starting off simple let's begin with our Jooheon's first music group Nu' Boyz. which not only had Jooheon as a member but also MX members Shownu, Wonho, and #Gun. J: Nu' Boyz started back before No Mercy even started, if I remember right we formed and started our music careers in August of 2014. And even produced a mixtape. If you go back 2 years on Starship Entertainment's YouTube channel you'll be sure to find it! That's right! but Nu' Boyz soon after were disbanded due to the start of Starship Entertainment's survival show No Mercy. (which we will get to in a sec.) Honestly Nu' Boyz had a lot of potential of being an amazing group, but had they not disbanded we would have not had the Monsta X we have today or #Gun's amazing solo career. Check out the videos above of cute predebut Jooheon in his Nu' Boyz performances!
Now before we hit No Mercy Jooheon first let's mention a couple things Jooheon Featured in before he became the adorable Charismatic Rapper of Monsta X 1. MV appearances in both C-Real's videos for Joma Joma and Sorry But 2. Featured in Mad Clown's song 깽값 3. And just for fun Jooheon performing in church. (watch video above.)
Now last but not least No Mercy Jooheon. and most likely the Jooheon everyone got to know before debut. No. Mercy, as we all know, was Starship Entertainment's rough and cold blooded survival show that was made to form a new boy group under Starship. Started off with 12 trainees (then 13) to only end up with the final lucky seven at the end. Jooheon, was known throughout the show (and to a majority of the judges) as the best trainee rapper out of all of contestants. During No. Mercy Jooheon managed to release and feature in 2 singles along with his team members. As well as remain in the top three if not five, I believe, throughout the whole series. (but you can fact check me on that, way to lazy to go back and check all the rankings. ) check out Jooheons debut missions up above, and No. Mercy MV's.
And that is where I will end today's history lesson. I'm sorry it took me forever to get this uploaded (due to college exams and health issues it takes a while) but I do hope you managed to learn maybe just a bit about what our lovable Jooheon was doing before his debut.
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This makes a lot of sense why him and #Gun were so close now. I really enjoyed reading this all ☺️
I'm happy you enjoyed reading all of it, I thought that maybe I wrote way to much it'd bore people. 😅 but I'm happy you enjoyed and hopefully you got to know a bit more about Jooheon. 😊