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I just read on the Master's Sun Facebook page some good and bad news for all us Master's Sun fans.....bad news first? Bad news is: According to Naver: SBS will play a 140 min Chuseok special movie on Wednesday from 8:40 to 11pm. Master's Sun will air on Thursday instead. It is confirmed that the whole drama will be 16 episodes with no extension. ANNOUNCEMENT from SBS: 'Master's Sun' will only air one episode this week. >,< NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Well at least here's some good news to help you as well: Official Written Preview of Episode 13:Because JooGoon's spirit is not coming back, nervous GongShil meets the spirit matchmaker Madame Go, who talks about life and dead, and makes a deal to make her life into riches. There you go you guys, sigh.... :(
No problem. :) and if you still can't then let me know and I'll try find another way.
@evelynmendoza14 @nonabisi @nylamrehs geee...thanks guys! be viewing soon and then would love to comment just as u d...thanks!
@Cocodiva328 LOL i feel ur pain going crazy too
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