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Lol just realized I missed this yesterday!!! Anyways lets start shall we this weeks MCM is Yuri Plisetsky from Yuri On Ice!!! You can imagine that he is also my favorite character!!
Alright lets start with the fact that from the moment this boy was introduced I fell hardcore and I mean I fell it was like he kicked my feet out from under me and called me the worthless trash that I am. I just thought this boy was so cool alright? And I still think he's amazing!!
Alright now lets talk about how dedicated he is!!! I mean this boy has been skating his whole life!!! He's also the sole provider for his family and has been providing for them since he was in the Rookie Division.
This boy was also raised Chiefly by his grandpa it mentions he has a mother but it doesn't state anything about his father and I honestly can't wait to learn more about his past!! Like he is so close to his grandpa that he legit ducked out from his fans just so he could go see his grandpapi! This boy is just so beautiful!!
Speaking of beautiful just look at him he's so gorgeous with his beautiful blonde locks and green blue eyes!!! 😍
He's also a huge dork and dweeb and just I can't wait to see how this show ends I know it won't happen but I'm really rooting for him to win the Grand Prix like I am all about that life! Anyways yeh I love this man and I wanna marry him!!