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I came across this. A fan had made dolls that look like Tae from Bts and Oh gosh. It would be so fun to have your own doll that looks like an idol! take a look at these photo's! Can you see the resemblences!!
Did you spot the pics of the dolls and the pica of Tae Tae ??? lol
no thanks. and it's too light to be tae. tae has a rich tan to him. that doll just creepy
Sadly I feel like the person who made this doll had to have come across whitewashed photos of Tae ... it's the only way he/she could have created the doll to be this bright
if the doll had a little more pink in the skin tone, HELL YEAH SPOT ON. AND I WOUKD HAVE TO HAVE LIKE 7
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No thank you
I saw them last night and kinda' found them creepy for some reason.
its so creepy . . . but intreging lol
wonder if he could do Leo?
lol I wonder what other dolls they have created
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