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SHOWNU: Shownu, in the best way possible, would be an absolute tease. He would slow his once fast and rough movements down completely, thrusting into you so slow and so deep that it made your eyes roll into the back of your head. He would continue doing this for a long time, thriving off the amazing sounds you were making. The louder your moans, the harder he would go, ultimately rewarding you and bringing you closer to your release with every sound of encouragement that you gave him.
WONHO: Wonho, being Wonho, would absolutely love it when you started to get loud in bed. He would be incredibly turned on from the moment the first moan escaped your lips and, because of that, would go as far and as hard as you’d let him in order to continue hearing the beautiful slur of words and noises escaping your mouth.
MINHYUK: Minhyuk may seem like the innocent type, but the moment you started to become a writhing mess beneath him, he would be incredibly turned on and would go harder than you ever thought he could. Your usual quiet self being loud in bed would be the sexiest thing in the world to him, and he would not refrain from showing it. He would also not refrain from rewarding you because of it.
KIHYUN: Kihyun would be surprised at first, completely taken aback by your moaning and screaming self, but he would very quickly come to love and enjoy it. He would take the time to cherish the beautiful sounds escaping your lips, thrusting into you slow and deep and teasing you slightly before speeding up his movements and quickly bringing you to your release.
JOOHEON: Jooheon…oh, Jooheon. Jooheon would absolutely thrive off the fact that you started getting loud in bed. He would be a little surprised at first, but would quickly start switching between teasing movements and pounding into you roughly, trying his best to coax as many sounds from you as he could get.
HYUNGWON: Hyungwon would be very similar to Minhyuk in the fact that, despite his sweet angelic looks, he would go hard. VERY hard. The moment you started to show the slightest sign of becoming the least bit vocal he would start pounding into you, caging your head between his forearms as he looked deeply into your eyes, giving you as much pleasure as he could possibly give.
I.M: I.M. is a closeted Sex God. There’s no doubt about it. With that being said, even in all of his Sex God goodness, I feel like he would have a completely different reaction than expected. While most people would probably expect him to get super turned on and start going harder and faster, I feel as though I.M. would do a complete 180, changing his movements so that even though his thrusts would be slower, they would be deeper and harder, turning you into an absolute mess beneath him as both of you began to chase your release
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Well.. I hate you now lol.. I cant deal with this.. Thanks alot em. 😡😭😭
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always here to help
a year ago
Shownu 😍
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Can you do a VIXX one?
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I can try.. I have lots of requests so it might take a while
a year ago
Em!! just the first sentence of Shownu made my ovaries explode and my uterus convulse... I'm scared to read any more!!!
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