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안녕하세요 my Loverlys! KPopBeat here with a brand new game for all of you!! So as a lot of you know I do the weekly chocoabs game over the weekends.....
Why should we only play games to get to know the Chocoabs having idols and actors when there are tons more out there with just as amazing talent???? THERE ISNT!!!
There for I have started this new little segment called Test Your Knowledge!
Every Tuesday I will supply you all with pictures of one idol, actor, or entertainer and you will all have to put your vast kpop kdrama or all around Asian entertainment knowledge to the test... and try to guess who the start is... Now I think this game might be a little tougher because I will be pulling from all over the place, but I have faith in all my loverlys!
Then on Wednesday I will tell you who was the Test Your Knowledge star for the week and give you more pretty pictures to look at and a lot of information about each star.
This will be held just like ChocoABS... even down to the five first guesses gets you a little prize from this lovable kpopper.
This week I have gone easy on all of you though... but I had to pick this guy as the first person to star in this segment for many reasons.... I will shed some more light on that tomorrow.... as for now....
Do you know who this Oppa is? Ever seen him before?
His smile... kills me every time
Well this is all for Part 1 of this new little segment... Now is time for the guesses to begin... Do you know who he is?
Yes yes Oppa we will be back with you again tomorrow... just be a little patient please...
Now this segment will happen every Tuesday and Wednesday here at KpopINT!
Do you have the knowledge to pass the test every week? Make sure you let me know in the comments!!
As always if you would like to be added or removed from KpopINT taglists please let us know and we will happily make sure you are in the right place!
Until Tomorrow my Loverlys!!
@KPopBeat OUT!!
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My History bias Kyungil 😍
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@MelissaGarza you too dear
Ion kno his name but I know he's history and is now working his way onto my bias list
Kyungil has a way of finding i his way on to bias lists.
Song Kyungil from History~~~
Congrats hun! you got it right first.
Song Kyungil. his bday was a few days ago. Same age as his good friend TOP. also friends wit GD. The group of friends is i think its called the nut hang gang. he is also inlisting in the army this year too i believe if he has not already.
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oh he also majored in dance. and have u seen that boys body like hot damn. like lick ur screen hot damn lol. he is also an ok rapper and singer. but his dsncing is amazing.
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