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안녕하세요 my Loverlys! KPopBeat back with Part 2 of Test your knowledge... I am surprised a lot of you did guess who he was correctly... and many at least knew what group he was in... As an ubber fan of his this was fantastic in my book.
Now this here is Kyungil the leader of the group History!!
History debuted in 2013 with the company Leon Entertainment. Their debut song was Dreamer (Still love this song personally)
The group is still active today despite the oldest member 29 year old Leader Kyungil getting ready to enlist into the military.
Now... to tell you the truth I decided to do a card on him for this reason. This amazing individual is going to have to go away for a couple years starting December 8th.
The other reason I decided to let myself be bias and pick this particular UB for this card is because his birthday just passed. Kyungil turned 29 on November 28th and sadly I was running around and didn't get to make him a proper card.
I'm sorry OPPA!! But Happy Belated birthday! We still love you bunches!!
Anyways... as always Lets get on with the card and check out some more nice pictures and learn a little bit about the star of the week shall we?
Name: Kyungil
Birth Name: Song Kyung Il
Birthday: November 28 1987
Group: History
Position: Leader, Sub-Vocal, Rapper, and Main Dancer
Height: 183cm (6'0")
Blood Type: A
Specialties: Singing, Rapping, and Modeling
Hobbies: Working out, Shopping, and Swimming
Instagram: @_ilstagram
Twitter: @_songkyungil
Kyungil has been dubbed the man's man of his group by the other members. He gives off more of a masculine style and appearance and it doesn't hurt that he has a lot of confidence and those around him can tell.
Though he might look like a big bad... he is actually a total softy. He is very kind and charismatic and always does things as best as he can for his group.
He is the oldest in his group and considers the others in History as his younger brothers though he has admitted that sometimes this can feel like a burden to do so.
Kyungil trained for three years before his debut with History but his dancing skills helped him earn a reputation as an experienced dancer.
Not hard to tell how he stole my heart is it?
1. Kyung Il likes to wear a jacket on a T-shirt.
2. His favorite singer is Kendrick Lamar, a USA rapper.
3. Kyung Il is good at modern dances, and he was in training for 3 years.
4. The singer has joined the group of close friends called Nuthang, which includes other celebrities as well.
5. Since he is very handsome, Kyung Il was a model for some time.
6. He also performed a dancing role in the music video “Beautiful Dance” by IU.
7. His name means “become successful”.
8. Song Kyung Il is a very positive person.
9. He likes to spend time when he is completely alone and just relax.
10. When he first saw the members of the group, he thought of them as of little kids.
11. He’s an only child.
12. He graduated from Modern Dance.
13. He chose IU as his ideal type of woman.
14. He feels like an older brother to his bandmates.
15. He thinks he looks most attractive when he gets out of the shower.
16. His favorite clothing items are shirts and jackets.
17. He appeared in FIESTAR’s video for “Vista”.
18. He was a trainee for 3 years.
Here are a few songs by his group.... you know the ones that will be on repeat on my list for the next two years!! *Tries to hold in tears*
Have you heard of History before? What are some of your favorite songs? These above are my favorites.
Yes yes Oppa.... back to practice before your enlistment next week. We will miss you greatly but Storia will wait patiently for your safe return.
Are you a fellow Storia? Have a bias in History? Let me know in the comments loverlys! I always love hearing from you guys.
Well that is all for this weeks Test Your Knowledge segment. I look forward to seeing you all again next week for our next Test Your Knowledge game!!
Until Next Time Loverlys!!
@KPopBeat OUT!!!!
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Just might die was the song that introduce me to sexy Kyungil 😍
Kyungil biased psycho and think i might die
Yes a die hard Storia, hence my username lol. DoKyun is currently my ultimate bias as he threw Kyungil off the throne in HIM era lol
Kyungil refuses to give up his throne for me. Dokyun is my wrecker though... he just can't beat Kyungil
I have heard of History, my bias is Kyungil. My favorite song right now is Might Just Die. I don't know if I can call myself a Storia- I haven't really been in Kpop that long, and I just recently figured out which one of them Kyungil is, so I'm still kind of new to this group.