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Who: Zhang Yixing x reader x Kim Junmyeon What: Angst Betrayal Smut Story: Five years after the worst break up of your life you found love again and married Zhang Yixing. A three year marriage going strong suddenly turns upside down when Your husband's best friend stays at your place for a few weeks.
Yixing's POV Yixing woke up happier than before. He and Y/n had been at it like rabbits for the rest of the night. He woke up and she was still asleep, his favorite sign that he'd been good in bed. If she slept in like that he'd worn her out. He was proud of himself. However, he wasn't sure he'd be able to be with her like that again for a while. At least not until he got some more time off or if he could cram his work he could home early to her. He took his shower and came out of the bathroom releasing the steam into the room along with the smell of his body wash. Once he was completely dressed he went for his suit jacket and walked over to Y/n's side. She had a few more hours before she needed to be up so he wanted to let her sleep in. She was in his shirt again, her arms tucked under her head as she slept. The sight of her so peaceful rather than distressed about an unexpected house guest was what he liked to see. It was strange to think such a sweet face liked being blindfolded and toyed with. It just seemed out of her nature or out of her taste but she responded well to it all. He knelt down and softly kissed her forehead and immediately she began to stir. "Mmm. Yixing?" She said sleepy and her eyes still shut. "Yes baby, I didn't mean to wake you. Go back to sleep you don't have to be up for a little while longer." He whispered as he patted her arm. "Are you leaving?" She asked. "Yeah I'm about to head out." "I'll walk you to the door." She said groggy. He laughed, she said all of this with her eyes still closed. "Baby stay in bed and rest I'll see you later today for lunch." He said. She shook her head and slowly picked the blanket up off of her and sat up. Her eyes still closed she poked out her lips for a kiss and he pecked her lips with a laugh. She gave a tired smile. "I want to see you off, I don't get to say much to you during lunch." She said. She stood up from the bed and stretched her arms out humming pleasantly at the feeling of a good stretch. His shirt came up higher just slightly above her butt and her underwear started to show. He laughed and wrapped his arms around her, picked her up and spun her around, making her squeal then giggle. Her arm hooked around his neck and she ran her hand through his hair. Her eyes were open but she was still tired and he saw it. He also knew she wasn't going back to bed until she saw him off. The sun poking through the curtains highlighted her face and made her brown eyes light and her pupils tiny. Either way the color was beautiful to look at. She pressed her forehead to his and said, "Yixing-" "Yes baby?" He said after her long pause. "Thank you." "What did I do?" He laughed. "You love me." She said. There was a hint of sadness in her eyes but she nuzzled her nose against his with a smile. He pecked her lips and set her down on the floor. "I'll be late if I don't go now baby. I'll always love though, you know that." He said. She looked unsure but nodded anyway. She went and put on her shorts and walked him out to the front door. He said goodbye to her and she reached up to touch his chest then gave him a soft loving kiss. "Don't forget Junmyeon is here so be careful walking around like that. I'll get jealous." He said. She gave him a soft smile and said, "I know. Now go, you'll be late. I'll see you at lunch today." He turned to walk out and felt her slap his butt and he looked back at her and laughed while he headed out. She still seemed a bit off, it would take her sometime to really adjust to having Junmyeon with them but Junmyeon normally was good with people. He was confident they would soon get along... He showed up to Uni headed for his classroom when he remembered he had to stop by the Dean's office. On his way there he saw Luhan walking down the hallway. Luhan waved and said, "Hey Yixing, how did she like it?" Yixing tried not to sound like he approved of the stupid little device. Truth was she liked it but he didn't know which she liked more being blindfolded or being toyed with. Yixing cleared his throat and said, "She enjoyed it." Luhan laughed, "Did she complain about the size?" "What, no don't ask questions like that! " Yixing said embarrassed. "Aw come on Yixing it's not like she's in love with the toy but I told you didn't I? Girls experiment with stupid things like that all the time when their partner uses it on them they have more fun. Or did you throw it away in a fit of jealousy?" Luhan teased. "I'm not jealous of a toy. Anyway she said that toys weren't really her thing but she did ask me to keep it." He explained embarrassed. "Well you got your wish. You pleased her, and it's probably best not to do it all the time anyway. A surprise is more exciting than a predictable romance." Luhan said. "Alright enough about my wife and our sex life. We're at work we should be professional." "You're right. Where are you headed now?" Luhan asked "Oh I was going to talk to Kyungsoo for a minute before my classes began." Luhan nodded, "Alright, I won't hold you up then. Tell your wife I said hi." "Will do." Yixing said waving before walking down the hall. Something Luhan said had repeated in his brain though. A surprise is more exciting than a predictable romance. Yixing felt predictable was safe, you knew what to expect but he didn't want to bore her. He wanted to keep the romance alive and in order for him to do that he needed time to be with her. He entered the Dean's office after being called in and took a seat. There sat the Dean, his suit jacket on the back of his chair, he was in a dress shirt with a black tie. His glasses were on and he had big eyes that when he stared it looked he was plotting your death. Though when he smiled it was surprisingly alluring. Friendly. "What can I do for you Yixing?" He said. "Good morning Dean Do I was hoping to see if there was any progress on getting new professors for the chemistry classes me and Luhan have taken over?" Yixing said. "Actually yes, a Huang Zitao and Byun Baekhyun I've accepted already so the work load will be lighter. I'm waiting to hear back from one more person though." He answered. Yixing sighed with relief, "That's great Y/n will be so excited." "Troubles with the wife?" He gave a small smile. "Not exactly troubles but I've had to cut back a lot of time with her because of the extra work load. I think she's starting to feel lonely." He said. "I'm sure. I appreciate your hard work and the students seem to adore you. I can understand how it can take a strain on your relationship however, the past two days you two had some quality time together I hope." "Yes we did thank you." Yixing smiled. "That's good, I do hate to say that your load won't ease up any time soon though. We're not even half way through the semester yet. You two will have to finish out the semester and then I'll bring the other professors in." He said. Yixing nodded, "I expected as much. Well I'll be off to class it starts soon." "Alright have a good day Yixing." "You too Do." He said. He walked down the hall back to his classroom. By the time, lunch came around he got a text from Y/n that said she wasn't feeling well and would see him at home later. He hoped everything was alright she seemed fine this morning... Y/n's POV Waking up to his kiss on your forehead was like that of a fairytale, Yixing was a prince by every definition of the word. You didn't even need to open your eyes to know it was him. Junmyeon wouldn't dare kiss you so sweetly just for the hell of it. He was the type to crawl in bed next to you and touch you until you were moaning in your sleep and eventually waking up to him on top of you hot and ready. Junmyeon was just there to fill a void. You had been hurt all your life you just wanted something and someone to fuck; Junmyeon knew just how to give you what you wanted. Although you may have actually been in love with him, it was more that you were addicted to him. The rush you got when he pushed you, the high you felt when he wrapped his hand around your throat. He could treat you as badly as he wanted and you put up with it because you liked the pain because pain was what you knew. Yixing didn't treat you like that, he made you feel wanted and precious and it was such a new feeling you decided to hold onto it rather than run away. In a way, Yixing had been your patch. In the beginning you had gone through detox, no sex, no Junmyeon, no pain. That beginning was hell; Jongdae and Minseok had to remind you why you left him. They had to remind you of how tired you were of him. They had to keep you from going back to pain, they had made you quit smoking, they had forced you to meet regular dates with them so they could occupy your time so you wouldn't do anything stupid and dangerous and then they introduced you to Yixing. Honestly, to this day you believed Minseok was the only one out of the two boys that didn't intend to set you up with Yixing. When Yixing picked you up and spun you around, you thought to tell him. Looking at him and that sweet face, you felt too conflicted so you thanked him for making you human. Though those weren't the specific words you used it summed up how you felt. You were thankful that he loved you and that he could show you what love was supposed to be like. You liked being in his arms. You loved when he hugged you or held you close to him. You even liked after sex when he'd lay his head on your breast and just be on top of you so you could play in his hair as you fell asleep. There was no reason in the world why Junmyeon should still effect you, yet when you kissed Yixing goodbye and sent him off to work you had fallen for his spell. No. Your body did. You turned around after watching his car drive off down the road and sighed. His shirts always lingered with his scent. The same body wash you bought him. You loved the smell of it, so calming, like a nature smell. Like fresh rain. You turned around and walked back up the two little steps and into the open space between your living room and your kitchen. When you turned your head you saw him in sweatpants and a jacket. His hood was on and the jacket was unzipped there was no shirt underneath. You looked at him full of disgust for a second and then turned away. If you even entertained him that far you'd be in trouble. Going to the kitchen was risky though, you'd already learned that lesson. You turned back around thinking your bedroom was the best. You could lock the door and get changed even sleep a bit longer before work. Then Junmyeon's hand ran under your hair and he took a hand full of it. He pulled your head back, making you release a moan and said, "Don't ignore me baby I just came to say good morning." "Good morning." You responded through gritted teeth. "You look so sexy today." "Get off of me." His hand went to your neck and your body jerked back. You clenched your teeth but you could feel him against you. His other hand was on your waist and kept you pressed against him. You swallowed and he tightened his grip on both your waist and neck carefully. You moaned involuntarily, your neck was a weak spot and he knew that. Y/n don't do this to yourself. Don't do this to Yixing. The feeling of Junmyeon's tongue grazing your ear had you moaning again. You kept telling yourself to pull away. You made an effort to move forward but he'd held you tighter and followed you. He pushed you to the couch then spun you around to face him. He kissed you and it was like the first taste of sin. You kept telling yourself to run from him but your hand traveled up his body feeling his abs and chest. You pushed him away, "No, no no no no no. No I can't do this no. Junmyeon,you need to stop isn't he your friend?" You said freaking out. "Aren't you his wife?" He shot back with a smirk. He stepped closer and you backed up forgetting you were against the couch. You fell over the arm with a little shriek of surprise. Junmyeon laughed as he came over to you and hovered over your body. His legs resting on either side of you. He pinned your arms down and came up to your face. "How long do you think you can resist me baby girl? Yixing had no idea how to make you feel, no one does. I taught you everything you need to know." He said. "Junmyeon stop it! He's my husband I can't do this to him." You said. "Words. That's all it is, words and titles. Your body is still screaming for me. I'll show you." He said He pushed his hand past your shorts and panties, his fingers circled the rim of your entrance making you uncontrollably hot. You grabbed his wrist trying to pull him away but you were weak to him already. He got his hand back to your neck again, you moaned just as he pushed his finger inside you. His finger moved slow and you bit the back of your hand, "You fight so much to resist me but the moment I touch you, you fall under me." "Jun- myeon." You said trying not to sound pleased but his damn fingers felt good. He pushed a second finger inside of you and curled his fingers to add to the pleasure making you moan louder and grabbed onto his arm. His pace was agonizingly slow and for the moment your mind had gone blank. No one, not even Yixing was in your head just his finger pumping slowly inside you, making you moan and lose your sense. You looked at Junmyeon with almost hollowed eyes. Yours were as dark as could be looking back at him in complete arousal and instantly it was like five years ago with you under him and him doing whatever he wanted to you. "Tell me how you feel baby girl." He whispered in your ear. "F-faster." You said. He did as you asked pumping faster than you thought he would. He kissed your neck lightly careful not to show signs of his touch on you. Your breathing was so heavy and tears were forming in your eyes, your heart knew what your head had blocked out.... This was wrong. So wrong. But you couldn't stop. "Junmyeon please." you whined. "What is it Y/n? You want my mouth don't you? You want me to slap you?" He said. You nodded shamefully. You felt him slap your ass and you moaned louder. He slapped you again on the butt and you moaned again bucking up into his fingers. You were screaming moans, cursing and wanting your release so bad. "Fuck!" You said breathless. "Cum for me Y/N let me feel you." He said. His fingers moving faster hurting you but making you feel so good. You felt him hit you again, your butt screaming red but still it was so good. His tongue came down to your clit but it only took a few licks before you were tensing up and jerking to the powerful orgasm he'd given you with just his fingers. You tightened around his fingers ruining your panties and shorts in the process. As you came down from the high, he licked his fingers clean of you. He came down to kiss you again but you pushed him away and covered your mouth. The look of horror on your face couldn't have been more obvious. What the fuck have you done?
WHAT HAVE I DONE!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭 Yixing I'm sorry babe... my heart.. my could youπŸ˜­πŸ’”πŸ˜­πŸ’”πŸ˜­πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”
Whaaaaa?!??!?? Noooo don't do this to Yixing.. He's to precious
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nnnnnooooooo..... bad Junmyeon.... how could i do that to the loveable unicorn.
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