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Just surfing YouTube and I found this group who debuted August 18, 2016. I saw @turntuptae's card on 'underrated kpop boy groups' and I thought this group might apply...? I mean, they did just debut, but I thought that they might be able to be categorized in the 'underrated kpop boy groups.' If I'm wrong please do let me know.
There are four members total and I will give you a picture, stage name, original name, and their position in the group. If you want more details please refer to this website. It'll give you their birthdays, height, hometown, and blood type. Why you'd want to know their blood type is lost to me but hey, the informations their. I got all my information from the linked site above.
In case you want more information please refer to this site. Warning, the pictures of the members do not load.
This is 우수 (Woosoo) is the Lead and Main Vocalist of MASC (마스크). His full name is Woo Young Soo.
His stage name is 이륙 (26) but if you'd rather call him by his original name it's Kim Ji Hoon. He is the rapper of the group.
This is Ace (에이스). His original name is Kim Dae Sung. He is another rapper within MASC.
This is Heejae (희재). Original name is Yoo Hee Jae, and he is the maknae of the group. Also a vocalist.
None of these pictures, video, or facts belong to me.
Thanks for checking out this card! Hope you enjoyed!
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