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This is what i think, Literary Agents are looking for ready made authors but put themselves out there telling us they are for all, that's just a set up. I write novels based on my own terms but still won't find an agent that believes in me, so i started writing based on theirs, and they still sell the same shit 'You know the market and industry changes a lot so we think your book is not a good fit for us, but we wish you good luck on your search for literary agent'. That was when i realised they don't even take time to read your synopsis, only the profile you were asked to fill, wanting to know if you are already published, why would they ask that if they are interested in a unique voice, i guess only stephen, j.k, e.l or patterson has got that to them, well i think i do and fuck whatever they think. Join me expose these people friends, only if you know what it takes an author to sacrifice his rest not only at night but also during the day by taking a lot of coffee, even some tea sometimes not required just to stay awake, and then we get rejected, 'We deserve to be heard too, not only the famous'. Join me expose them so that authors would believe in themselves and not what some agents think, write what you wanna and not what is posted on some shitty website. They don't care about that, build your own brand and promote yourself the way you feel you can, indie authors own the game now, we are better than any other already published author, we can get there, but first we have to eliminate all obstacles, this is how, i will bring up a topic and you comment like this #murderthewrongs, #literaryagentsplan is the topic, and this is how you comment. I guess i will have to start this. #murderthewrongs, #keep promoting themselves on popular websites, i.e writers digest, not for us but for themselves. Thats my comment, what's yours, what do they do that offends you the most?
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#murderthewrongs, #they say they want the best book, but they are just look for excuse to get the worst author