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Hehehe! 2 Quizzes today!!! Once more with Exo theme we have this adorable and I mean adorable quiz to see who you are like when you sleep, or as the title says, who shares your sleeping Habits? The questions and answers were to fun. I hope you play and Have a good laugh with it lol. So Here's a LINK to the QUIZ!!! <-- Click me! ♥
Lol how did I get Channie again! I'm okay with this though. take out snoring and throw in blanket hog this is pretty much me. lol I need my blankets bundle up in a ball and never leave my blanket cave until need to get up for day lol.
I got suho!!😆😆
I got suho....but I was debating between if I like cuddles or not....but I like sharing a bed with people that I'm close with
I got Xiumin...my baby!
Kai. I'm not surprised. I fall asleep at random times 😂
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