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The Cinema Today website has started streaming footage from the upcoming Space Pirate Captain Harlock CG film that showcases the films motion capture footage. Watch the footage below and see how the actors dub the characters and their mouth movements get overlaid and transferred into the film. The upcoming film is to follow Captain Harlock, who gained fame as the captain of the Arcadia, the last of the four Death Shadow Class starships which were built as an ultimate weapon against the invading forces of aliens. However, towards the end of the war Harlock vanished. After being gone for many years he returns in 2977, with a huge skull carved on the bow of the Arcadia, he aims to fight for mankind and challenge Earth’s government. The cast will also contain Yuu Aoi, Arat Furuta, Ayano Fukuda, Toshiyuki Morikawa, Maaya Sakamoto, Miyuki Sawashiro, Kiyoshi Kobayashi, and Chikao Ohtsuka as members of the Arcadia crew. The film is set to release in Japan on September 7th 2013, and GFM Films has listed that it is working on an international dub.
The clip is silent until roughly 43 seconds in, then sounds should start.
Is this clip ment to be silent? or is my device not working properly. Can anybody shoot me a reply. Thanks