When none remain, I am reminded that everything is temporary. Echoes of memories shudder in the darkness, just outside the glow of lamplight. My fingers search for their reverberations, but find none. Happier times are hushed whispers, barely audible over this thumping heartbeat. Lies become clearer, as silence becomes greater. Feigned interest unraveling upon closer inspection. I'm just another person. Not even a person. Pixels on the screen. Turn me on when you get bored of life, off when you get bored of me. I find myself lingering, unsure as to why...the promise of a ghost? Waiting in a garden that is quickly wilting around me, the decay receiving little notice. Sometimes, I feel like I'm standing too close to the fabric to see the beauty of tapestry. Individual threads, weaving in and out, hugging each other and shrugging sullenly away. Heartstrings tugging desperately in all directions, threatening to tear the poor organ asunder. Then, little glimmers of light catch my eye. And I know it's okay...I found the sun again! Only, it's brighter and warmer than ever before...not because there's anyone waiting on the other side, but because there doesn't have to be.