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sorry I mean I had everything prepared I just completely black out sometimes and forget what I was supposed to do haha..
Title - Sankarea: Undying love Genre - Ecchi (not that much) , Comedy, Romance, Supernatural, Horror, Shounen Episodes - 12 Synopsis - Chihiro Furuya likes zombies. There’s something about the shambling corpses and blood that appeals to him on a visual level, and since childhood he longed to enter into a romantic situation with one. Upon discovering the death of his family cat he attempts to resurrect Baabuu with a resurrection poiton in an abandoned building. Thats when he meets Rea abd she begins to assist. However Rea had her own plans wanting to escape her awful home life, Rea consumes the potion [which had various poisonous ingredients] hoping to die, but something unexpected happens... [woah shocker click bait I'm sure u can guess what it is]
I watched this a while ago so I don't remember much but I like how this anime touches those subjects you know. And it was really charming and wierd bc I mean zombies? really? usually it's like vampires or something but zombies?? I wish there was more episodes...
I'm putting two amv's bc one of them is like what the overall show is about, and the other is the main female protagonist's life (in which the song used is very accurate) [may contain slight spoilers] AN AMV FOR YOU, YOU DELICIOUS LOOKING CANDY CANE
A great anime! I still listen to the op.
I really liked this anime too ^^ I wish they had made a second season or a movie that completed the storyline though, because they left it with an ending where you thought they were going to continue it but never did lol xD delicious candy cane xD lol that's funny xD