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Konnichiwa!!! Annyeong!!! Ni hao!!! Swasdi!!!

Hi, and welcome to the Asian Drama Monster Cave!!! It's your ever loyal Asian Drama Monster Blogger @VeronicaArtino here giving you some monstrous Drama info whether it be old or new!!! Our ever loyal Asian Drama Lead Monster @KokoroNoTakara is sick this week and having some family issues. She will be back in next week. With that said I will be doing two Dazzle Me this week. Let's all send good vibes and prayers to our girl Koko.

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So when we aren't watching Asian Dramas I have listed below some quotes from dramas that can help you in life. Please enjoy and let me know your favorite

Take care of the problem right away before it becomes to big and sometimes you need to compromise and go to the person or ask the person to come to you.
Be someone that can cheer on your friends and be happy for them for all their accomplishments
Treat every moment with someone you care about as precious
Sometimes the person that is crying doesn't show it on the outside and sometimes the tears coming down isn't really crying. Look beyond the tears and truly at the person and situation
Chose be Mulan because she did not need any man to save her but knew when to rely on her friends for help.
Don't let fear rule you
Working hard can achieve miracles
Don't regret ever being true to yourself
Go for it and try, even if you fail, try again
And no dream is stupid, don't crush other people's dreams either.
People do change and life will disappoint you sometimes just learn how to handle it.
Like someone for who they are and be their friend with no expectations.
Own up to your own wrong doings
Even in your lowest point chose love instead of hate, anger, or any other destructive emotion.
We all need help from a friend at some point and sometimes they are the only ones that can help us heal.
I believe these are pretty self explanatory. Stay tune for part 2.

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