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The anime distributor Funimation has started streaming an English-dubbed trailer for the upcoming release of the 'Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Priestess'. The dub recently premiered at Denver's Nan Desu Kan convention and will see a release on Blu-ray Disc and DVD combo pack come December 10th 2013. This pack is also set to include the 'Fairy Tail the Movie Prologue: "The First Morning" anime, trailers, and a clean version of the opening and ending sequences. The cast has also been confirmed by Funimation with Jessica Calvello playing Eclair, Tiffany Grant as Momon, Scott Zenreich as Cream, and Rick Keeling as Pantherlily. The original manga creator Hiro Mashima is in charge of the story planning and visual design, along with working on guest character designs and concept art. Video viewable on our site.