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Elo my wonderful Bunnies

The girls and I agreed to announce the winner Today since we actually picked a winner yesterday First up let me show you all the prizes.
10 Poster size photos will be made and ship to the winners... as well as

$10 Amazon Gift Card

Yeah that right.. marry christmas you got Amazon money lol and before I say the winners... I would like to give a shout out to the authors... They were so amazing... each judge actually had their own personal top 3 favorites too haha. I'll put the links of the stories so you don't have to search for them to read them.

Now for the winners!

And The winner for PG-13 category is

'Stay With Me'

Yes it was the only pg 13 entry but honestly she took the road less traveled. Its a bit difficult to NOT write a smut oneshot about Jay. It was an amazing story too with one great plot twist... kind of makes ...nono no Jay babies... and the winner for the Smut category is...

'One Dance'

It was a close call to be honest, but this one won by 1 vote. You had all three of us hooked by your story and I must say bravo. Way better then we expected... and we had some high expectations for you honey. They were all good and I thank the authors again for showing such amazing work. ... I actually didn't think we would get anyone to enter to... it warms my heart to see more than one. Should I do another one next quarter? hahaha
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lol I'm still shocked because I thought mine was trash 😂😂😂 I didn't think anyone would like it.
Girl bye!!!! Your stories are amazing!!!!
Amazing! Thank you guys! 🙏
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@RedChord Congratulations!