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Happy birthday @ChaErica ! I hope you have a fantastic day! I was going to write you another one shot, but you know how I am hahahaha. So for now, because there may be something in the works for you, let's get to a spam of Hakyeon, Binnie and Ten(This is how much I love you...looking up NCT for your damn birthday....smh...) along with some songs that are perfect for your birthday!
Whoops wrong Bin..Oh..Hongbin look out! Here comes Hakyeo-
Ouch...told you..
Whoa....Dean coming out of nowhere... *cough* aaaanywaaay *pushes Dean out of the room before Hakyeon sees him*
Oh god you're quite popular today...Hakyeon only approved Bin and Ten to show up...
Finally the people that are actually invited...
Since these are love songs...uh...imagine Hakyeon singing them to you hahahaha
Anyway happy birthday. I hope you enjoyed the picture I made for you too hahaha I'm still not good at photoshop..
And finally (this was added in after I originally made the card) the project I spent 4 hours on the other day...
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❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thank you so much!!! Haha I'm so surprised you looked up and remembered all of my biases! Even for groups you're not that into haha! Thanks so much for the video and songs!!!! You made my bday even better!!! 😊
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