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i have been super inspired to write both this story and the skool luv affair series but i decided to put the date out now. i just couldnt wait. Hope you all enjoy
"Are you hungry?" He asked. I thought for a minute. I hadnt eaten since breakfast before dance practice. I was starving. "Actually i am pretty hungry!" "Great! Hope you like seafood!" He said as we pulled up to a beautiful beach. It had been forever since i had been to a beach. I couldn't help myself. .... I squealed, jumping out of the car before Hobie could reach my side to open the door. Kicking off my flats i took off running towards the shoreline leaving hobie behind to get something from the trunk of the car. The salty breeze was no doubt starting to curl my hair that i had just worked so hard to get flat but i didnt care. As i reached the edge of the sand where it met the waves i cautiously dipped a toe into an approaching wave. It was freezing! I quickly retreated before it took any more of my foot. I turned back looking for hobie to see him laughing as he attempted to set up what looked to be a picnic on a blanket he had set up. I skipped back to go help him. "What's so funny?" I asked as i made it to his side. "You." He laughed. "You're just too cute!" "Hey!" I said giving him a fake pout, but i really knew how ridiculous i must have looked. "Dont judge me! Its been forever since I've been to a beach!" His smile turned to a smirk as he came closer and tucked a wild curl behind my ear. "I know." He said matter of factly. "I know you better than anyone." He was too close now. I could feel my heart beating in the palms of my hands. I bit my lip. Quickly i dropped down to the blanket. Just in time my stomach let out a loud gurgle. "Saved my the stomach" i thought to myself as i looked at the spread of food he had set out. I saw a container of kimbap with bulgogi. Another one held eggrolls. There were also 4 thermoses separated into 2s. This looks great! I said as he dropped down next to me. "....bbbuuuuttt i thought you said we were having seafood" i questioned. "We are! We're having food and we are eating by the sea.....seafood" he laughed. I snorted as i tried to hold back my giggle causing him to laugh harder. "That was so corny." I giggled. "Please remind me why i am friends with you again?" The f word seemed to sober him up a bit seeing how he flinched very slightly when i said it. "For real though" he said grabbing 2 of the thermoses. "I had jin make spicy seafood stew" he grinned. I let out a fake sigh of relief and wiped the back of my hand across my forehead. He handed me the thermos. "Whats in the other 2?" I asked. "Thats for a bit later" he smiled knowing that i would be driven mad with curiosity until i found out, but for now we dug into our food, munching happily and having our usual conversations on upcoming tours, his songs and the choreography he was working on, the latest hobbies i picked up. To anyone else it might have seemed liked a dull conversation but hobie was always easy to talk to for me and i seemed to be the same for him as we could talk about anything and still enjoy each other's company. After we finished eating my eyes roamed to the other thermos. "Is it time for those yet?" I asked as the curiosity came back. "No but it is time for something else. He said as he stood taking my hands and helping me up. He covered my eyes with one hand as he spun me around pulling my back against his chest. I could feel his heart beating. It was growing faster just like my own was. "Are you ready?" He whispered in my ear sending electricity through my body. All i could do was nod. He slowly removed his hand but left his arms drapped around my shoulders. I was about to wiggle away when i realized what he was showing me.
The sun was setting on the water creating a rainbow of reds, golds, oranges, pinks , and purples across the incoming waves. "Its so beautiful! " I murmered "you're beautiful."  He whispered back nuzzling his chin onto my shoulder. This was everything I wanted in my relationship with my boyfriend....jimin...i bit my lip as he popped back into my head. I had never felt so many mixed emotions at once. Guilt for not thinking about him this entire time. Sadness that we had never gotten to experience this sort of thing with him. Confusion because my best friend was making my heart race and making me blush with his comments. We stayed like that watching the sun set until it could no longer be seen and the first stars began to appear. We would have probably stayed a bit longer if i hadnt began to feel the temperature drop. I couldn't help but shiver a second. Hobie's arms were keeping mine warm but i had decided to wear a dress. My legs were now collateral damage. "Cold?" Hobie asked lifting his slightly to meet my eyes. His gaze was intense. I used another shiver as an excuse to break free. "Just a little" i said as i bent down to rub my legs. I was letting him get to me. He was not my boyfriend. He was my best friend. I loved jimin and he loved me. Plus its not like i had a lot of friends here in korea. .....actually i didnt have any now that i thought about it. I spent all of my time with the guys. I definitely couldnt afford to lose my best friend. "Serves me right for not asking what I should wear." I laughed hoping to distract him from my sudden mood change. It worked. "Well" he grinned. "Thats what this is for!" He said pulling out a blanket. He drapped it around my shoulders. He let his arms linger around me for a moment again before he went back to grab the other two thermoses. "And this" he said grinning even wider. I looked from him to the cup and raised an eyebrow. He unscrewed the lid and held it to my nose. I couldnt hide the smile that grew on my face as i smelled the loco hot cocoa from my favorite little cafe. I eagerly took a sip. It was still warm. I couldn't help but start my happy dance. I couldnt help myself. If i liked food or drinks i just started to bounce up and down. Jimin hated when i did it. He said i looked like a child when i started....so i usually tried to hold back. "I love when you do that" hobie laughed snapping me out of my thoughts. I felt my cheeks start to blush. He was definitely the complete opposite of jimin. I tried to distract myself by looking around the beach. There hadnt been that many people when we first got here but i noticed the darker it had gotten the more people started to show up. I also noticed many little bonfires springing up along the beach. I turned to hobie to see him pulling something out of the picnic basket. "Where are all of these people coming from?" "You'll see in a minute" he said keeping his hands behind his back and sitting back down on our blanket. "Aww come on." I whinned. "Thats your answer for everything today." I said as i sat down next to him and leaned over in an attempt to look behind him but he dodged and instead he fell onto his back. I used the opportunity to pounce on him. I knew all of his ticklish spots. I was going to see what he had for sure this time. He laughed but held his ground. He managed to wiggle one arm from underneath him and pull me even closer to him in an attempt to stop me. He looked into my eyes and i could feel his heart racing underneath me.....or was that my heart? I could feel the heat from his breath on my face now. Had we been this close only a second ago? This was wrong. I shouldn't be doing this! But why couldnt i stop myself. We were now nose to nose. He took his hand from my back and ran it through my hair, tilting his head. I found myself closing my eyes when suddenly...... To be continued?
hope you all enjoyed this latest installment of what am i to you? i will continue soon....maybe lol hopefully. also i will be redoing my tag list for this story. i will be going through and adding the people who have commented or asked to be tagged to this story. if you would like to be added just let me know. feel free to leave comments and critiques :) tagging some awesome peeps : @AudreyJelly @Mikim000 @luna171 @VeronicaArtino @Helixx @bbxgd @micahirene @amobigbang @mandynoona @MadAndrea @nenegrint14 @ChelseaGarcia @destiny1419 @baileykayleen @MorganElisabeth @BreeMassey @Saeda1320 @ladygdragon @sugafree  @jojojordy2324 @byeolbit @JinsPrincess86 @parktaemi @celeste2655 @Atamshair @B1A4BTS5ever @Miss148 @honey5oo @ponouvang123 @AimeeH @StephenyAcevedo @ARMYStarlight @StephanieDuong @ChaErica @KpopGaby @reyestiny93 @NykeaKing @mitchix5 @britneyamanda @Katherina2078 @DianaBell  @solodaywithB1A4 @xoxoaudra98 @Maxxie12 @KaceyDodge @DulceZelaya @saraortiz2002 @xxtina @EmilyPeacock @IMNII @Jiyongixoxo @KpopQueenBee @danidee @BriannaN @Marblue143 @amandamuska @ashleydj1oo @xsandas17 @ChelseaJay  @Selfishmachine  @Rebecca22 @sarahdarwish @LauraEspinoza @btsgotshinee @VikaAlex @SokharChea @bambamisbae @DinaEXo @tinaechle @ravenator143 @MomoChemie @nnatalieg @sunggaray @Bockah1327 @Cindystran @KatelynSummerso @hyunsaeng638 @nightshade18 @herrerawanessa9 @KpopJunkiesTV @BluBear07 @creames @beckiboop1996 @SuperJuniorelf @KdramaKpop1018 @JessicaChaney @misssukyi @Rocky1903 @ninjamidori @Kpossible4250 @anniemimis @AnnaArai @GossamoKewen95 @Exoexo @EsmeraldaCayeta @igotswag @SarangRavi @kpoplover1995 @DemiseiaGardner @BBxGD @CreeTheOtaku @DawanaMason @FalseLove @catchyacrayon @clandrea170 @glo86 @tinaechle @JackieG1617 @emilyanpham14 @LexTay327 @MissyKim @Mercedesbenz98 @jennymedina @SerenityPierce @aabxo @NancyNongvilay @DasiaB @Sisicup @Ticasensei @KaeliShearer @AnnieGoodman @juunnee @taetaejojo @kieusero @kissofdeath316  @annemimis @Starbell808 @sunglrll99674 @KhouYang @PrettieeEmm @Ercurrent @Mercii @staceyholley @ChelseaAustin @SaiT @Emealia @sarahdarwish @herreravanessa9 @AlloBaber @LaynicornLay @thePinkPrincess @RihannaTiaMay @KatieRussell @SugalessJams @ILikeHisFace123  @SugaOnTop @katiems @DesireeChucklez @jaebug @moonchild03 @terenailyn @xsandos17 @SarahVanDorn @11erinmims @kpopandkimchi @glo86 @Tigerlily84 @PrettieeEmm @ChelseaJay @KellyOConnor @poojas @KDramaKPop1015 @VIPforever123 @fallchild @CreeTheOtaku @MorleeCorielus @JaxomB @luna1171 @AgentLeo @Roxt1903 @amandamuska @GDsGF @sherrysahar @kpopdeluxegirl @CheyenneJesse @KaceyDodge @MyaIsNotSexy @abiersack666 @Taehyungkey @BtsIsLife @Bitterlimelight @KpopQueenaBee @Rhia @Kieuseru @sherrysahar @VIPFreak2NE1 @yewookyu @Kyokeo @RainaC3 @terenailyn @LilySilver @KeziahWright @Dabaesaplayer @ShimJooKyung @SamanthaRae19 @DawanaMason  @AlloBaber @JasmineWilliams @VixenViVi  @Exoexo @shantalcamara @bangtanella @taetaebaozi @torchix @JohnEvans @DestinaByrd @LenaBlackRose @NalaniCerteza @BlueBear07  @Marilovexoxo @chinabarrier16 @MalihaAhme @AmbieB @Vkookie47 @PassTheSuga @stevieq @JasminMartinez @KwonOfAKind @CarleB @jessicacheung97 @shannonl5 @LAVONYORK @Kuzuri96  @Ercurrent @PandaSoapy @PatriciaS @tinathellama @CrystalGuerra @thekreviewer @pharmgirlerin @EliseSledge @TracyLynnn @drummergirl691 @CindyHolguin @ChelestiEdwards @JasminMartinez  @dchapple45  @EWillsea @JessicaVang @KayLeeRose94  @shantalcamara  @kpopbunny9 @axosrain @kiyofugi @mellyortiz  @MaritessSison @AlysonLR  @IsoldaPazo  @Maaari  @KeraDelatorre   @SamanthaAcosta @Saeda1320 @EmmaJolie  @NaimaJeune @JessWang90  @SindyHernandez  @KiinLyr  @kanatm  @Foxxyjinxx  @batgirl225319 @AbbyRamey  @IsisMayaVelasco @FromBlue2U @moralesdaisy199 @Mavis2478 @naehudnall @QueenLele  @YessicaCardenas @hayoungforever @TracyLynnn @JasmineGregory  @ashrose33 @YeseniaF
OMG YOU HAVE TO UPDATE!! This is so feeakin good! 😱👏👏 OMG she has to become a couple with Hobie!!! Jimin... i don't know man.. maybe in a different fan fic. This is going to be Hobie's time!! 😍😍😍
working on the next chapter now :)
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will do 😁
GIRL YES!!!!! Finally!! Hobie is a good dude!!! This story has all my attention!! so good.
lol thanks i was really excited to post the date
Nooooooooo 😢😢😢😢😢
lol why no?
Omo this part was so freaking cute! Hobi is so thoughtful and such a little ray of sunshine.
he really is. lol it was so much fun to write this part.