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Please do not scroll down if you are below the age of 17 or 19 For mature readers only Mature content ahead Scroll down at your own risk Okay back with another oneshot! This one shot is basically a type of oneshot where you decide your bias without me giving you a certain bias so, enjoy! This will be my one and only entry for this contest: if you want to participate, click the link above for the rules. Otherwise I hope you like my oneshot!


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Oneshot with bias 2 It was a dark, chilly and wet night as storms were moving in and around your area. You were at your bias' home, lying on the bed in his bedroom wearing red lingerie, candles being lit around the bed and the room as you see a camera on top of the television, ready to record a video. Your bias walks in wearing black polyester briefs as he stares at you with hunger in his eyes, as he walks towards you and sits next to you on the bed. "So, how do you want to do this?" Your bias asked. "After you press play, I want you to walk to me quickly, kiss me, and we can go from there. Alright?" You reply. "Sounds great." He said. You lean back on the bed and wait for him to kiss you as he went to the camera, pressed play, and he walked quickly towards you, got on the bed, kissed you, and you place your hands on his back and push on it, making him lean towards you more as you craved more of his touch. You then sat on his crotch and you massaged yourself on him as you kissed him and moved your pelvis at a pace that was intended to massage the both of you. He got up, grabbed the blanket on the ottoman, threw it over the both of you, and he flipped you over as he kissed you and slipped the red lingerie off of you as he undid the straps on your back and your butt. He pulled off the lingerie and he rubbed his chest on yours as he groped your boobs and squeezed them. He got up, you yanked down his briefs hard, as you squeeze his front tail and lick his black cherries. You lick and massage his insides with your tongue as you work your magic and squeeze his front tail at the same time. After you lick up all his juices, you then push him down on the bed as you set yourself over him as he groped your butt, gives you a good squeeze, and pokes his tongue up your hole as he massages your insides and licks you up as you leak. He then licks and massages your buns with his tongue as he continues to eat you out and lick your juices as you kept on leaking for him. You didn't stop leaking until he stopped licking and he didn't stop licking until you stopped leaking. Once you were all dry, he slammed you down on his pelvic bone and you banged on it until he shoved his front tail into your hole. You bend down and kiss him as you continue to bang yourself on him. He rolls you over and he pumps you rhythmically at a super fast pace. You both were growing sore so he moved his front tail out of your hole, pulled his black briefs back on, got off the bed and stopped the camera. You pop your head from out the black blanket. He turns the lights on, blows out the candles (you blow out the ones closest to you), and he hands you your lingerie as you take it and hide yourself under the blanket and attach it back on your body again. Once it was on your body again, you got off the bed, found your clothes, changed into them, grabbed your purse and headed out. "Bye oppa! I'll see you tomorrow." You tell your bias as you kiss his cheek and you walk to your car from his house and drove home. Your bias lit the last candle again closest to the bed, switched the lights off, got in the bed, blew it out, and fell asleep.
I hope you all admired it! If you want more, please suggest an idol! Gotta tag these girls! @amobts @PrettieeEmm @BBxGD @twistedpuppy And, of course, I most certainly cannot forget to do this!
This is beautiful btw
Aww!! Thank you!! That means so much to me!