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안녕하세요 친구!!

Hello lovely Carats and soon to be Carats. It's your SVT moderator here 이솔다. A little action for hump day.... Honestly does it look like Jeonghan wants to kiss these guys or not? Because like who volunteers for tribute?

Who would you like to kiss and where?

-DK on the lipseu -The8 an Eskimo kiss.
S. Coups & Jeonghan *did you see him lick his lips?!?!??!*
Jun & Jeonghan *did you see where his eyes went?!?!?!*
The8 & Jeonghan *did you see how close he gets in the end?!?!?!*
S Coups & Jeonghan *s coups being a wonder Jeonghan be wanting to smooch*
The8 & Jeonghan *did you see where he looked...again?!?!?!*
Mingyu & Jeonghan *ahh Mingyu knows his game lol*
Joshua & Jeonghan *omg did they?!?!?!* Answer: they totally did!! I made a card about this plus pay attention to Jun's faceu in the back lol
I still ship


S.Coups and Jeonghan need to happen already, gosh!
Jeonghan oppa! Wae you gotta okay my heart like this!?😭😭😭😭
Err, I don't know the ship name but I love my pretty angel with the sexy leader so much. *quickly saves all pics of JeongHan with S.Coups*
it's JeongCheol (Jeonghan + Seungcheol(S.Coups))
All dem members be falling for him, but he is always there for him! *him-Jeonghan* *he-Jisoo*
tag please.
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