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Think you know everything about the upcoming Lee Min Ho/Park Shin Hye drama of the year? Here are 6 more facts that you probably didn't know about Heirs. 1. Jeon Soo Jin is now in Heirs! Jeon Soo Jin (you guys might know her from School 2013) is joining the Heirs Cast! A lot of people refer to her as another Bae Doo Na (do you think they look the same?) Jeon Soo Jin will play Kang Ye Sol, a fashionsita in her 2nd year of Empire High School. Instead of working on her English, she's been pursuing her dream of becoming an actress. Her character is somewhat of a bratty one, but look out for her crazy fashion! 2. Leading Heirs Men going to the army?? Lee Min Ho is all smiles in a uniform? According to 'Feel Good Day', a show on MBC, many male actors shall be enlisting in the Korean army in the next few months. On the roster? Choi Ji Hyuk, Kim Hyun Joong, Yoo Ah In, Park Yoo Chun, Jang Geun Suk, Lee Seung Gi (are all of the hot ones going?!) but the MOST IMPORTANT ONE OF ALL... Lee Min Ho. That's right, Heirs' favorite leading man is going to the army! 3. Lee Min Ho plucks his eyebrows...? Netizens have been following the Heirs phenomenon like crazy, of course. After it was leaked that Heirs would be filming in the sunny city of Los Angeles, hoards of Lee Min Ho fans flocked to greet him at the airport. Pictures and videos showed up as well, focusing in on Mr. Lee's scarily groomed eyebrows. Netizens have been pondering on if he plucks them or not. 4. In other hairy news... Lee Min Ho reveals his new haircut for Heirs To transform this 28 year old into the arrogant 18 year old chaebol, Lee Min Ho sports a short haircut that covers his forehead. It might not make him younger, but he sure looks cuter! 5. Lee Min Ho answers the age old question: Kim Tan vs. Gu Jun Pyo - what's the difference? In response to everyone's speculation of the similarities between Gu Jun Pyo and Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho's character), Lee Min Ho states that despite their (a) heirs of chaebol status and (b) much poorer love interests, the two characters are extremely different. Unlike Gu Jun Pyo, a more innocent soul, Kim Tan has inner turmoil written all over him. Bad Boy Lee Min Ho without the massive curly hairdo? Sign. Me. Up. 6. There's now an official image of Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho! We'll keep bringing you the latest about this drama until it... "Heirs" ;)