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Last week I made a recommendation of 5 things that happened in Boys Over Flowers that should never happen in Heirs, but I have to give a whole lot of credit to Boys Over Flowers for all the things it did right. With an all-star cast of Kdrama hotties lined up, we’ve already been guaranteed that one of the most important things from Boys Over Flowers, eye candy, is going to happen in Heirs. Let’s take a look at what other things The Heirs should include to be just as awesome. 1. A Catchy Theme Song Who could forget “Almost Paaarradiiise!” from BOF? No one. That song came on pretty much anytime one of the F4 were doing some sort of rich boy thing, which was pretty often. I had a love/hate relationship with this song. At first I was like, “What the heck is this?” and then I was like, “Not this song again!” and then I was like, “Almost Parrradissse!” in my shower, and then before I knew it, it managed to sneak its way onto my iPod. All I can say is that if the editors of Heirs know what’s good for them, they better find a theme song just as catchy and gets-stuck-in-your-head obnoxious. 2. Dream Vacations Trip to an exotic private island anyone? Take me! Take me! Especially if it involves romantic gestures like flying in a private helicopter over a heart shaped island. Boy, did BOF fulfill everyone’s wildest fantasies of a dream get away. I know I will most likely never experience one of these trips myself, unless I can somehow manage to actually sneak onto set and convince Lee Min Ho to marry me, so instead I enjoy living out these fancy scenarios through Kdramas. Let’s hope we see some of these take place in the beautiful California settings of Heirs! 3. An Awesome Sister Who’s the coolest sister in all of Kdrama-dom? Goon Joo Hee from Boys Over Flowers. She always managed to show up at the best possible moment to beat Jun Pyo into shape (literally), or to help our leading lady, Jan Di, out of sticky situations. Who wouldn’t love to have her for an older sister or sister in-law? I hope that The Heirs has an older sister-type who is just as cool. 4. An Evil Matriarch Jun Pyo’s mother is possibly one of the scariest villains ever, and definitely tops the list of evil matriarchs in Kdramas. I know some of you think that this should never happen again, but someone’s got to be there to bring the drama down upon the OTP’s heads. If they just magically end up together with no barriers to overcome how boring would that be? I say bring the evil mother-type on in Heirs! 5. Great Chemistry We all know that chemistry between the main couple is a maker or breaker in the success of a Kdrama. I, for one, have watched entire Kdramas against my better judgment because of it. Not only did Jun Pyo and Jan Di has an amazing magnetism, but the entire cast of BOF had chemistry that made you believe they were real life friends and lovers. With such a stellar cast lined up, I doubt Heirs will have a problem in this department, so let’s sit back and wait for the magic to begin! What other things from Boys Over Flowers do you hope will happen in Heirs? Stay tuned for DramaFever’s streaming of Heirs in October, and make sure to sign up for a premium account HERE to watch it in HD magic without commercial interruption. Also sign up for episode alerts to stay up to date with the hottest Heirs news.