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KHJ's Departure for Tokyo @ GMP By KhunnooPor
@hebamaher he does naa oppa is always tired but he is always smiling i just love oppa sooo much :) <3<3 <3
@saharjalpari9 he workss soo hard :D
@hebamaher oppa has being doing concert now in Japan Philippines but oppa just had 2 come back bcs his concert was cancelled bcs of weather precautions oppa was really upset oppa says oppa was practicing 4 a whole year 2 do dis performance and he was upset dat he couldn't perform just bcs of the weather oppa says he will come back again and perform again just for his fans and oppa told his fans 2 be healthy and safe from the tycoon and wait 4 oppas comeback my oppa is just sweet kind and humble i love oppa soo much :-)♥♥♥
@StephiiKins yes :D he always wants us to be happy :D
@hebamaher That's true! Well he does this work because he like to do it and because he knows that it makes us happy! Makes me love Oppa so much more!
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