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Chapter 14

The Walk Home

A couple of minutes had passed before Jungkook realized that he was actually having fun with Mina. She was a little extroverted for his taste but she was great at making conversation. Jungkook stopped laughing suddenly when Kurim came over by herself. Mina turned to looked at Kurim. "Jay, where's Yoongi?" She asked surveying the party. "He had to leave," Kurim said accenting her head, "Something came up, he asked that you forgive him for not saying goodbye." "Really?" Mina said walking towards Kurim and putting her arm around her. "Are you okay?" "Yes, everything is fine, don't worry" Kurim said scratching at the label of her beer. "I think I'm just going to head home." "What, so soon?" "Yeah, you know this isn't really my scene." Kurim said with her head looking at the floor and smiling awkwardly. "Well, I wanted you to stay with me but if you wanna leave it's okay, you know you're my number one girl right?" Mina said teasing Kurim. "I know" Kurim said smiling. Mina smiled, "I don't want you to go alone." "It's okay, I can handle it" Kurim said. "Nonsense!" said Mina, "Jungkook will walk you home, right Jungkook?" "I, yeah, sure," Jungkook answered confused. Kurim turned red at the thought of walking by herself with Jungkook and immediately protested, "No, really, I'm okay!" "Don't be ridiculous!" Mina said protesting. "Jungkook make sure my girl gets safe and sound to her house, promise?" Mina said winking at Jungkook. Jungkook quickly caught on, and smiled blushing, "Yes, I'll make sure she gets there safe." "But, Mina?" Kurim said extremely flustered. Mina grabbed Jungkook's arm and brought him forward to stand next to Kurim, "Well, you guys better get going," she said pushing them both towards the door. "Okay, bye Minassi, enjoy your party" Jungkook said before Mina had them both out of the door. Jungkook and Kurim stared at the closed door for a couple of seconds before looking awkwardly at each other. "Let's go" Jungkook said staring at Kurim blushing. The walk home was awkwardly silent. There was so much to say but none knew how to start. Kurim was looking straight ahead trying to avoid conversation but the bumping of their hands every once in a while brought butterflies to her stomach and a burning sensation to her cheeks. Kurim was thankful it was night because otherwise Jungkook would be able to see the prominent scarlet color on her face.
Jungkook was enjoying bumping his hand on Kurim. He could see from the periphery of his eye that every time it occurred Kurim would walk a little more straight. He wished it was day so he could see the full effect on Kurim's cheeks. "So, what happened to your boyfriend?" Jungkook asked out of the blue breaking the silence. "He's not my boyfriend," Kurim clarified. "We're just fiends," she said clearing her throat. "Really?" Jungkook said stopping to look at Kurim. "Yes" Kurim said stopping to look at Jungkook surprised by the small smile forming on his lips. Jungkook leaned forward to look at Kurim's eyes, his face mere centimeters from her face. Kurim stared at Jungkook and felt her heart was about to explode. She took a step backwards trying to increase the distance between them but the wall behind her didn't allowed her to scape. Jungkook lifted Kurim's chin ever so tenderly with his finger. He stared at her eyes as if asking permission. When Kurim didn't remove his hand he leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on Kurim's lips. Kurim couldn't believe what was happening. The redness on her cheeks increased by a thousand. The sound of her heart was so loud that she was sure Jungkook could hear it. She wanted to stop the kiss but was surprised when she linked her arms around Jungkook's neck bringing him forward to kiss him more passionately. She could feel Jungkook's smile on her lips when he realized what she was doing. Jungkook linked both arms behind her waist bringing their bodies closer than they had ever been. She couldn't help herself it seemed as if her body had completely given up to him. Mustering all her might she managed to break the kiss but immediately regretted it. Jungkook breath was raggedly. He stared at Kurim's eyes and bit his lower lip trying to gain control of himself. He could see Kurim's flushed cheeks thanks to the closeness they shared. Kurim put both arms on Jungkook's arms breaking free from his tight embrace. She leaned forward and said goodnight turning around and quickly walking away. Jungkook stared at Kurim disappearing into the distance not knowing what to say. He touched his still tingling lips and smiled amused by what had happened. After that, he knew that this time he wouldn't let her escape.
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