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Alrighty here is another update I meant to do last night but I got into a little mood and didn't want to do anything...I'm so sorry....but just for that today I will update twice...although the next chapter well be sometime after I get off of work...Enjoy! Missed chapters Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 continue reading... Part 5
Although I should be happy I'm not. I dont really like the idea of arcades. Although the last time I went to a arcade was when I was in high school. As we walked to the arcade he was just all smiles. Something was wrong with this guy. When we got to the arcade he just lit up even more if that is possible. He ran off and came back with lots of tokens. "Alright let's go play." He said He grabbed my hand and pulled me to several games. I was trying to enjoy myself but it was hard most of the games I sucked at. So I Mainly was watching him get crazy into them. "(y/n)! Come play this with me!" He said grabbing me and taking me to the Dancing game. He was really good at it. He had to of played it a lot. I was exhausted by the end of the game. After that we went to eat. "So did you have fun?" He asked "I guess" "You guess? Well then tomorrow is another day." "Yeah...what do you have planned for tomorrow?" "I don't know yet but I'll text you when I have a plan." "Ok" with that we ordered our food we got the same thing and as we start to eat I start tearing up. I can't do spicy I don't know why I tried it.I looked up and say Chanyeol having the same issue. This guy is something else. "You can't do spicy either huh" I stated after wiping the tears off my face. "No I wanted show how manly I was." He said wiping the tears off of his face. "Well did it work?" "No." I thought that was funny but I kept a straight face. What is this dude doing to me? "Darn..." We both then ordered different dishes so we could enjoy it with out crying over it. He walked me home. "I had fun today I don't know how you didn't react to me today. I was being extra goofy. " He smiled "Oh that's not normal you?" I raised a eyebrow "That is but I'm not little less goofy." "Well I think it'll be a bit harder for you to have a effect on me" Who was I kidding that last bit with the food got me almost. "What happened to you that made you like this?" He asked and I stopped in my tracks. "You don't need to know." "(y/n) it might be easier to move past it if you talk about it." He looked me in the eyes. "No....I have to go." I said and walked the final two houses and ran into my place. I wasn't going to tell him or anyone. I turned on my light to my living room. "I'm home." I called out like usual. This time I sat on the couch and just stared at the tv.


I looked at my phone Annoying boy: I'm sorry I wasn't trying to pressure you into telling me. Me: ok Annoying boy: I'll see you tomorrow morning. Me: Morning? Annoying boy: Yup see you around 9. I let out a sigh and rubbed my eyes. This seemed like a long project I didn't really want to do anymore. I made my way to my room and flopped on the bed. The one thing that would never change was how comfy my bed was. I instantly fell asleep.
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He can come annoy me anytime.