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Cheng You Qing (Ariel Lin) is the manager of a Taiwanese shoe manufacturer. On her 30th birthday, Cheng You Qing receives an email on "the symptoms of premature aging" from Li Da Ren (Bo-lin Chen), her best friend who she has known since high school. Unable to accept that he is like a bottle of fine wine that will get better with age and she is like a grape that will dry into a raisin as years go by, she agrees to a bet with Da Ren to see who will get married first before they turn 35. So they start to look for their potential lovers.
However, Da Ren often says the girls he date are not a match for him and at the same time, he is not satisfied with the boys You Qing dates. After Da Ren's relationship with his colleague, Maggie, he admits to Maggie that he has been in love with You Qing the whole time. But there is a coincidence that when You Qing is single, Da Ren has a girlfriend; while Da Ren break up with his girlfriend, You Qing has reconciled with her ex-boyfriend. So Da Ren is always missing the opportunity to tell You Qing his true feelings.
As Cheng You Qing looks around for a potential husband, she discovers that she was surrounded by unacceptable candidates. The only man who could love her despite her ill temper and stubbornness is her best friend. The only problem with this pairing is their extensive friendship.

EPISODES: 13 (2011)

GENRE: Romance


Li Da Ren (Bo-lin Chen) - Da Ren is the definition of a perfect boyfriend and best friend. He's understanding, sweet, caring, listens and is willing to do anything for the one he loves. I was falling for him so hard because of everything he did for You Qing. He was even willing to learn how to remove makeup for his future wife hoping it would be You Qing so he could help her with that one day when she's really tired. He's just too sweet and you can't help but fall for him. He also has dimples and I love dimples! XD
Nic (David Hsu) - Nic was You Qing's gay assistant who used to try to trick women into falling in love with him and use them. But when You Qing found out he decided to stop that charade. He told You Qing if he were into women that he would have fallen for her. She would be the one! I was like awe, Nic I love you too. lol But still he spoke the truth when he would try to give advice to You Qing. I loved that about his character, he was straightforward and a good friend.


The storyline isn't really that complex yet it's very simple and predictable at times. I wish Li Wei and You Qing didn't keep bickering. I thought You Qing would've broken it off after 2 episodes of arguing over nonsense but she didn't they kept it going for so long. That couple was like a rubber band, they kept bouncing back and forth with each other. It was annoying to watch. I wanted You Qing to be with Da Ren quickly but it took forever for them to be together! 15 years could've been spent together, they could've been married before then but You Qing took forever to realize she actually loved Da Ren not Li Wei. I liked the story behind Da Ren's song. That song made me tear up in a few scenes.


Maggie - This was Li Da Ren's first love interest and a colleague of Da Ren. Maggie falls for Da Ren and asks for him to go out with her. They start to date. I didn't like Maggie at all when she dated Da Ren, she was too clingy and annoying. She always wanted to be with Da Ren and never gave him space. Persistently trying to make him love her when he couldn't.
Ding Li Wei - Cheng You Qing's love interest and ex-boyfriend. The first time they broke up was because he cheated. He comes back looking for her to get back together. Eventually she starts to date him again. He consistently say's that he loves her and wants to be with her. I hated Li Wei with a passion, he seemed forceful and scary like he would hurt You Qing. If You Qing stayed in that relationship I think it would've turned into abuse.


Li Da Ren (Bo-lin Chen) and Cheng You Qing (Ariel Lin)
I was rooting for this for so long, and when it finally happened I was so happy! It took forever for them to get together but they are so cute together. I believe there are some rare talents out there who can have on screen chemistry with whoever they work with and Ariel Lin is that rare talent. Same with other actors like Aaron Yan, Lee Jong Suk and Gong Hyo Jin. They just bring the chemistry and I love it! Both Bo-lin and Ariel were so natural together, it made their relationship feel genuine and adorable. Da Ren and You Qing were made for one another. They both understand each other and care about each other so much. They were best friends for 15 years but now they are lovers but still best friends. It's a great relationship that I'm sure everyone wishes they could have.
I love the sweet scenes between them, and that Da Ren is a great listener and gives great advice to You Qing. You can tell he really loves her. His song written about You Qing makes me tear up just listening to how sad it sounds. I loved everything about this couple and I'm thankful to Li Wei just like You Qing is because of his cheater ways. She was able to realize how special Da Ren was to her and how much she loved him. Such a cute couple!!!


1. "What You Think Of Me" by Weibird Wei - This is the opening song and I can't help but hum with this song when it starts. Then it gets really catchy and I start getting really into it. It's a fun song and I enjoy it.
2. "I Will Not Love You" by Bo-lin Chen - I love this song so much. It sounds so sad, yet it has so much meaning behind it. Bolin Chen's voice isn't anything special but the song still sounds nice and smooth. This song made me tear up a few times as well because of the words and the scenes that played just broke my heart.


The plot wasn't anything too special but it wasn't boring. I wish there would've been at least 2 more episodes because I didn't get enough time for the main couple. I really enjoyed the music from this drama. I like the casting choice for the main couple but I still am not sure whether I would've liked different actors for both Ding Li Wei and Maggie because at one point I did like Maggie. (Because she told You Qing that Da Ren loves her. If she hadn't told her than You Qing probably would've never known and they wouldn't be together.) But when she was dating Da Ren I hated her character, she was annoying and clingy. I think even if there was a different 2nd male lead the character would still be the same. A cheater and liar. I still don't know how I feel about Li Wei. I just don't know, he scared me most of the time. All he did was control and yell at You Qing. I couldn't stand him. I love how everyone around You Qing and Da Ren were shipping them as hard as I was. The parents of both of them wanted them together.
Ariel's acting didn't surprise me at all, she did amazing and so did Bo-lin Chen although this was the first drama I saw him in he did great! I love the friendship between You Qing and Da Ren, it's a strong and unbreakable friendship. Not even a relationship could break them apart. Once they ended up together that bond of friendship was still there. They still have that closeness but now it's a loving relationship between a couple. I really loved the ending of the drama a lot, it showed the married life of the two. They had one of the best weddings I've seen in Asian dramas. Alongside Jealousy Incarnate. It was fun and enjoyable. They wrapped this drama up nicely. All I wished this drama did differently was to bring the couple together quicker. They should've given them more screen time as a couple. But pushed it through the final episode. Although, it left a smile on face. I wish they got together sooner.
RATE: 8.5 / 10 - It was lacking some but not that much. As I said before I think the main couple should've had more time together. They just rushed it in the last episode. I liked the actor choices for the main leads and the music was great to listen to. The main couple were so cute together and the chemistry was absolutely there! I recommend only if your in it for the chemistry and the long yet quick ride. I didn't get bored and it was really cute at times!

Have you watched "In Time With You", if so did you like it and why?


I haven't watched it but I watched the Korean version now I'll have to check this out
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@VeronicaArtino I might watch it eventually, because those were the aspects that I didn't like. But I just started Moonlight Drawn By Clouds, so maybe after a few more dramas.
The male lead, I've seen before in a movie with Luhan. I haven't seen this drama before, but I've seen him before. I might check it out
Interesting. I don't watch many Tai dramas.
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Thank you lol
I've heard of this drama but still haven't seen it yet. It does seem pretty interesting.