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{WW} Shiro 😍

Anime: Deadman Wonderland
For those of you who are new to vingle we have a little tradition going. On Wednesday's we post our anime crushes. Sometimes there's themes and sometimes it's whoever you want to post. It's all in the name of fun and to give your waifu praises on her beauty. If you do participate be sure to tag me, I would love to get to know your waifu 😏 lmao
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Easily one of the most likable characters of all time.
Yoruichi Shihion
She's definitely wifey material 😍
Tomoko Kuroki
Lol sure thing, she's all yours 😂
@Tylor619 before you get any ideas she's mine >~>
I still have to get around to watching the show she's in
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