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So... i'll admit, i did not know what i was missing. I did not know how amazing Jin's voice actually was, and i'll admit, it was ignorant of me not too. I'm sorry, even though none of you knew what i thought. I thought Jin's voice was amazing, but still lacking in some areas because I've never really heard him... BUT with his solo song out, it proved me wrong. He isn't even my bias but his solo song is my ringtone i swear on my mother's life lol. Also, this song that I'm sharing was the icing on the pretty princess cake. I've JUST RECENTLY found their sound cloud and actually listened to their songs on there. I saw Jin's name and expected a soft beautiful song, and even though that's exactly what it was, it was also powerful as fuck.
To all you Jin biased guys and girls, I love you and i understand your anger. I want him and Tae to have more lines... I've always wanted that, but now... i want it more than before. I'll work hard to support #GiveJinMoreLines2017! Fighting! :D
I adore Jin's voice, its so sweet absolutley beautiful! ♡ 😊
his song is my favorite on the entire album
I love, this, song 😍
Jin's a voice is just yes man