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I honestly don't know what to say. I'm intreged!. the trailer makes it look interesting, but I don't know where dancing comes in because apparently Lay dances in the movie. the movie will come out in China in January and has both Lay and Jackie Chan in it. Its called "Kung Fu Yoga"
And for some reason this this has me intreged the most. a lion in a car! Seriously! Really?! How??
Check out the trailer!!!!!
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Ooohhh this looks good!!!!!
I love Jackie too omg I gotta see this both my husbands in it
Dude, that trailer got me hyped! I'm soooo watching this when it's available
I'm stuck on the fact of why does he have a lion in the car 😂
right. that has be sooo intreged!
Omg I love this especially I'm Indian yassss I'm shook and in love