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Bts twitter updates (new plus old kinda)
Hobi the way he read the message on V in English was yes man I couldn't
Joonie (DID YOU SEE HIM ON THE V HE WAS SO FREAKING CUTE I could listen to him talk all day I want him.on more)
kookie (FINALLY ) I have a pen I have a apple Uhh applepen I can't get over it sorry
Jimin has been posting videos so here's some old updates i cant save twitter vids and i guess cant upload them here? Look at this cutie
BTS :3 so proud of them. they have been posting a lot plus on the V app. (sadly I missed today's V with yoongi and hobi bc school wifi fml it kept cutting off) this isn't all but I have like a lot to go through to find some old twitter updates bc I save so damn much but HOPE YOU ENJOY
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