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This is why. I just don't understand what kind of social networking is this...
There is one social network I tried as an alternative to FB with a similair architechture and its url is - at first glance I noticed there are way more interactive discussions and folks over there who do not tend to swim around all day in the shallows. If you can get family and/or a small community to come over there with you and leave the the sheeple behind. It may be fighting an uphill battle, but so far it's the only thing I have come across since Google+ that has made an attempt to enter into the realm of the Facebook social behemoth's (Mark Rothschild aka: Zuckerberg) corporate disdain, i mean domain. Not as a competitor to conquer THE ILLUMINOUS GIANT necessarily, but as a way to disassociate from the additional dis- information.
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There is a lot we don't know and this may help with explaining any feelings of social awarkdness and depresssion.