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lol I'm betting people are curious about what's going to happen at the dinner party. hehe I did it special in Yoongi's view! lol I wrote a lot in the chapter!
Yoongi view *** That night came and I picked Keri up at her house. She was dressed up, dressed in clothed I never would have thought she owned.  She had a pale pink blouse on and matched with a black pin skirt that went to her knees.  Her hair was in curls that went to her shoulders and her face was covered up in make up. Keri never wore this much make up before, though it looked good, I liked her better with only a little on. I felt a little underdressed with black jeans and a red button down shirt, trying to look presentable to parents. "Hi!" She said a little to chipper. "We can head out right away" she said. The taxi I ce in was still waiting at the curb. "Yes taxi is waiting" I motioned behind her. As we drove to the house Keri was giving me a list of warnings about Mel's parents. It wasn't that I wasn't grateful but it seemed like a lot. Don't make eye contact with them, make sure to be respectful and don't engage with Mel a lot. When we arrived we went to the door and were greeted by Mel and a tall good looking man in a suit. Yea, definitely felt underdressed. "Yoongi its so good to see you" Mel greeted me, she went to hug me but was pulled back by the man and held at his side. "Hi" I nodded to her. "You must be Eric! I've heard a lot about you" Keri smiled at the man and shook his out stretched hand. "Hopefully not all bad" he grinned. "Uh no not all bad" keri gave a forced chuckle. " Come in. Mother is in the sitting room with father waiting" Mel said. The two of us came in. This looked like a rich persons house. Very unlike what I was used to seeing and not at all what I expected Mel to come from. I wondered again how these two ever became friends. In the sitting room was two couches, a woman in a floral dress sat there with a man in a business suit and greying hair. "Keri, darling! It is so good to see you" she stood up. "Hello Mami!" Keri said as she hugged the woman. "And who is this you brought?" She gave me an eyebrow raise. "This is my boyfriend Yoongi. Mami, I told you about him last time I talked to you" keri introduced. "Call me ma'am" she said as she handed me her hand. What was I supposed to do? I just shook it.   "Nice to meet you ma'am. I've heard a lot about you. Your like a mother to Keri" I smiled at her. She gave me a curious look but moved on. "I'm so happy you decided to stay with Keri for so long" she said. "She's a peculiar girl isn't she" she chuckled as she sat down. Keri took my hand and we went to sit opposite. Mel sat next to her and Eric went and sat in the only chair in the room. I wasn't to sure how I should take what Mel's mom said. "She's unique, I like her for it though. One of a kind" I came up with squeezing Keri's hand. "So how long have you been with Eric?' Keri changed the subject and focused in Mel. "A little over a month. You would know this if you called me. Although I wouldn't have been able to go out" Mel pouted. "Drinking is bad for you. Shopping you could have done" Erice pointed out. "You destroyed all my cards though so I can't go shopping" she huffed. "Oh yes I did" he chuckled. What an asshole! I thought to myself as I tried not to show it on my face. "So Yoongi what do you do for a living?" Eric questioned me. "I'm in the music industry" I told him. "Doesn't that pay very little?" He scoffed. "I think its great. Yoongi works on songs and sings plus he writes lyrics on his own and puts beats to it" keri said sounding proud of me. It put a smile on my face. "Thanks babe" I whispered to her. "Yoongi you must be talented, especially if Keri is praising you." Mel's father spoke up. It was the first time tonight he did. "Appa!" Keri eyes widened making him chuckle again. "My dear, you have high standards for writing" he pointed out. Hmm did she? She read everything and wrote her own, how could I not realize that. " I would like to know what group you are apart of" he asked. "Bangtan boys, or we're also known as Bts" I told him. "Oh my dear boy. I have heard of you" his eyes widened. "My daughter had some entanglements with you a while back" he addressed. "I should apologize for her again. She's a spoiled child that one" he was shaking his head. "Daddy!" Mel exclaimed. "You apologize as well. You caused mayhem with your stunts" her father said harshly to her. Way to turn from nice guy to bad guy in a blink of an eye. "Sorry" she whispered.  It was a hell of a time when it happened but Now I didn't care as much. It was done and over and didn't hurt my relationship with Keri. Her father talked more to me asking about my job and what I like about it. The two of us talked as the girls talked with Eric. I was glad I didn't have to talk to him. A bell rang. "Dinner" mami announced. "Shall we move into the other room then?" Mel asked. "Of course. And I will announce my news" mami said. The group of us moved to the dinning room. Appa sat at the head of the table with Mel on one side and Eric next to her and the mother sat on the other side of the table. Keri took Appa's other side and I sat by her putting me across from Eric. The food came in courses, soup was served first with a little salad. The main entre would be meat and rice with a table covered in sides. No one talked during the soup and salad but before the second course the mother was standing up. "I would like to tell you all. We have decided on a date for the wedding" she announced. "What?' Mel sounded angry. Keri choked on her wine next to me. "January 21st" the mother said. "When was this decided?" Mel questioned as her mother gave her an annoyed look. Hmm so it looked like Mel had no idea of her upcoming nuptials. "We decided this last week. Eric was most helpful deciding the final date" her mother said. "Congratulations" keri said. "That's two months away" "No shit! I am not getting married! Mother why did you and Eric decide without me!" Mel stood up enraged. "Mel honey sit down" her mother snapped. "I would also like to ask Keri, would be Mel's maid of honor? Your her closest friend and it would be wonderful of you to be in the wedding party" she turned sweetly to Keri. Keri was sitting there stunned. "Mother!" Mel burst out again. "Uh shouldn't mel be asking me that?" She asked. "Oh she would have asked you eventually I just am so excited for my little girl. And I know you would say yes" she assumed a lot there. "What if I wanted one of my other friends to do it?" Mel said. "Oh please, none of those skanky friends of yours would do" her mother scoffed at the idea. This was not how I for saw this evening going. I sat there keeping my mouth shut hoping I didn't draw attention to myself. I felt Keri's hand take ahold of mine and I squeezed in reassurance. "Mami I would love to do it if Mel asks me" keri said softly. "Don't feel pressured dear girl. Who knows by then you may be setting up your own wedding" Appa said. Alarm bells rang in my ear. What was this???? Did I leave that good an impression on him to make him think I would move that fast. "Uh Appa I highly doubt that. I'm barely at the stage of getting married" keri winced. "What! You think I am?" Mel sneered bringing attention back to her. "Eric is this why you started moving all my stuff into your house? Are you assuming I would want to live there?" Mel blew up. "Well it would hardly be appropriate for us to be separated after marriage" he said. "And you would not be living here" her mother said. "So I'm forced. No I'll go move in with Keri" mel stated. Oh hell no! I yelled in my head. "You could but I have no room for you Mel mel" keri said delicately. "Well I'll stay at a hotel" she declared. "Mel dear do as your mother says. Eric is a good man he'll take care of you" Appa stated. "Daddy! You started this. God I hate your business! I wish you never had your job!" Mel yelled and stormed out of the room. "That esclated very fast" keri said. Her father sighed. "That child, so ungrateful" he grumbled. "I'm sorry Appa. You know she doesn't mean it. She's just frustrated at the sudden surprise mami gave her" Keri was trying really hard to reassure him. It was nice to see that. "She'll get over it" Eric said. "I should go talk. To her" Eric was getting up but Appa shook his head. "No she wouldn't speak with you. Keri will you go talk some sense into her?" Appa eyed Keri. Oh please dont leave me with these people! "Maybe give her a little time to cool down?" Keri suggested. "No you know how she is. And your the only one she won't throw things at" Appa said. I watched Eric wince. Looked like he'd had that happen to him a few times. "Okay Appa, I'll be back in a couple minutes" she sighed then turned to me. I must have looked crazed, even as I held her hand not wanting to let go. "Baby its fine I'll be back in a bit.  Talk to Appa! You know you two have a few things in common. Ask him about his business! He has several studios he owns" she smiled at me. "Appa you should tell him what dramas and Idols you've had. I bet Yoongi would be interested" she told him and he chuckled showing a smile. Oh thank you keri for leaving something to grasp onto instead of impending awkwardness. "Well have you heard of big bang?" Appa smiled at me. I nodded. "I've had them play at one of my atriums. Plus -" he started telling stories about people who in both industries who I actually knew. It surprised me. When keri came back down with Mel they both sat down. There was only desert left and then Mel's mother wished us goodbye. Mel and Eric stayed. "That was a very interesting dinner" I said as we headed back to her house. "No kidding. Oh god I am so sorry baby. If I had known it was going to be Like that I would have skipped" she said. "No it wasn't bad. And I think Appa likes me" I winked at her which got her to smile at me. "Yes it looks like you two got along well. I'm glad. Appa is a big softy" she told me.
lol oh I love Appa! he isn't like I thought he would be, which is good since he turned out nice! Omo I knew the wedding date would get set but that Mel blew up and mami asking Keri Oh my gosh I can't believe that!!! She did it on her own! that was not my intention of writing like that Mami just blurted it out. lol.
aww 아빠! love him!! Eric on the other hand does seem a touch stuck up... Mel might need him to straighten up her life and personality... but wow I personally hate being told what to do/not do... damn... bombs dropping everywhere!
omo i like appa
Appa! Oh my gosh I adore him, he's like a teddy bear. I'm honestly starting to feel a little bad for Mel though. She may not be the nicest person on the planet but she doesn't deserve to be forced to marry especially so soon. I mean it would be a different story if she had fallen for him but still. Either way I'm loving this story to bits.
finally....a good person in mels family.
lol needed to have one in that family.
I do like Appa. Mel admitted to sleeping with Eric so I'm sure Mami knows about it too.
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