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So a while back I posted about how Niel will be staring in a parody of Descendants of the Sun called Descendants of the Airport.
The story line is that Niel plays a young airport security guard but falls in love with a long brown-haired girl. She drops something that belongs to her and he wants to get it back to her/find her. Meanwhile his partner is also trying to do the same.
This posted a while ago in early November but I was hoping I could find one with English subs but sadly no video has been posted with that available. So today I'm sharing the original Korean version. It's hilarious in every way and I have watched it more than once lol.
I hope you enjoy the 7 minute video!
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Oh my god! That was fuckin hilarious! The package I was like "It's a bomb!" And then I saw the IED part and it reminded me of the Supernatural episode where Sam and Dean have the baby and Dean is changing the diaper and he's like "This is like defusing an IED with poop" but the ending was frickin hilarious! I forgot how handsome Niel is. Where has my mind been lately?