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Hello again everyone time for another day. today is day 82 in this challenge. Which is most annoying anime character. well lets just say there is alan annoying characters in every anime out there. but this is my list that I see annoying. But to keep it short and sweet I'll name you six characters and why I don't like them. It may have spoilers in here so a heads up.
So we are going to start with one of the frist anime that got me into watching anime. That would be the Sailor Moon series ( not Crystal). Now in these series there are lots and I mean lots of character but the one I can stand is Mini Moon. Mini Moon is Usagi and Mamoru child in the future. She is a little girl who goes back in time to get the crystal from her mother. any ways she one of those bratty kids you just what to kick to the moon.
The second one is young Sakura Haruno from naruto. Ok she was highly annoying when she was young and she need a wake up call which she finally did onces sasuke left and when naruto failed to being him back. but for her to finally realizes she needs to step her game took her a very long time. but onces she got older she was ok.
The third one is Minto/ Corina from Tokyo mew mew. Minto/ Corina is a bossy and a little snobbish character in Tokyo mew mew. she the rich girl of the group. she doesn't tone down a little until like the middle of the series. But I still fine her highly annoying and is why she on this list.
The fourth one is Luppi from bleach. This girl needs a good slap in the head. which thanks to grimy ( Grimmjow) she got a good beating which she should of seen coming. Even I saw it coming but after that she took her anger out on poor Orihime who was only doing what she was ask to.
The fifth character is Amber From Darker than Black. I never like Amber and I'll never will. she is on here because I just don't like her. Plus there is other things that she did in the anime which is hard to expain and to understand it you have to watch the anime.
The last and final character is Misa Amane from Death Note. I feel bad for Light because he has to deal with her up to a point. But the reason why she on here because I don't know how light deal with someone like her. I'm one of those people who can not deal with clingy people and Misa ( to me) is very clingy and very loud person. Not to metion she is very dense as well.
Well that's day 82 next is day 83 an ecchi picture from your favorite series. This is going to be hard because I seen a lot of anime but I'm not very into ecchi.