Real Name: Jung Yu Seong Stage Name: Yuseong Hangul: 유성 Position: Vocal Birthday: 92.10.08 Nationality: Korean Height: 171cm (5ft 7in) Weight: 52kg (114lbs) Blood Type: O
He has a truly beautiful voice when singing.
He looks so smol and precious. Like I just wanna protect him from every dangerous thing in this world.
To me he's like a mini Junsu cuz he's so handsome like him yet shorter in a cute way lol
When I first checked them out I thought he was the youngest. Found out that I was wrong lol How is that possible??? lol
And let's just say he's attached himself to HighTop lol He'll even have captions like "Today's HighYu" and "Happy HighYu" sometimes with #HighYu also :)
He adores the real maknae. Him being shorter makes them a cute shipping couple~ (Reminds me of KyungJeong too)
And this photo is just comical lol Zuk: Hyuntae, let's make kissy faces to each other so Yuseong gets jealous. Yuseong: Hey quit it! You're mine Hyuntae!!!
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@BabydollBre of monstax? maybe he looks like him to some lol
yeah it was just in that first picture though he really looked like him lol
why did he look like Wonho in that first pic