Real Name: Jung Yu Seong Stage Name: Yuseong Hangul: 유성 Position: Vocal Birthday: 92.10.08 Nationality: Korean Height: 171cm (5ft 7in) Weight: 52kg (114lbs) Blood Type: O
He has a truly beautiful voice when singing.
He looks so smol and precious. Like I just wanna protect him from every dangerous thing in this world.
To me he's like a mini Junsu cuz he's so handsome like him yet shorter in a cute way lol
When I first checked them out I thought he was the youngest. Found out that I was wrong lol How is that possible??? lol
And let's just say he's attached himself to HighTop lol He'll even have captions like "Today's HighYu" and "Happy HighYu" sometimes with #HighYu also :)
He adores the real maknae. Him being shorter makes them a cute shipping couple~ (Reminds me of KyungJeong too)
And this photo is just comical lol Zuk: Hyuntae, let's make kissy faces to each other so Yuseong gets jealous. Yuseong: Hey quit it! You're mine Hyuntae!!!
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why did he look like Wonho in that first pic
@BabydollBre of monstax? maybe he looks like him to some lol
yeah it was just in that first picture though he really looked like him lol