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Konnichiwa!!! Annyeong!!! Ni hao!!! Swasdi!!!

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Joo Won

Native name: 주원
Born: Moon Jun Won (문준원)
Born on: September 30, 1987 (age 29)
Born in: Seoul, South Korea
Occupation: Actor and Singer
Years active: 2007–present
Agent: Huayi Brothers

Notable work

TV Shows
My Sassy Girl
Naeil's Cantabile (Cantabile Tomorrow)
Good Doctor
7th Grade Civil Servant
Bridal Mask
Ojakgyo Family
Bread, Love and Dreams
Don't Click
Niko 2 : Little Brother, Big Trouble
Steal My Heart
Fashion King
Fatal Intuition
夏有乔木,雅望天堂 (Sweet Sixteen)
Musical Theatre
Altar Boyz
Singles ensemble
Spring Awakening
Ghost the Musical

What Joo Won is to me:

He is a year younger than me, making him a dongsaeng. He is in my top ten favorite actors. He is amazingly talented not only doing films, and dramas but also doing Musical theatre. He has so many depths to him that each role is different.

My top 3 favorite Joo Won roles:

I really loved him on Good Doctor, as Park Shi-on. He played an autistic savant. I really believed he did a good job of portraying a character that has autism without going to the typical stereotypes one would think of when they think of autism. He really develops the character and uses his body movements and facial expressions really well. His character grows and helps the other characters to grow as well.
I enjoyed him in Naiel's Cantabile (Cantabile Tomorrow) as Cha Yoo-jin. His character goes from a haughty and arrogant piano player and composer to one that is softhearted and becomes warm. Love really does change a man. Seriously though his acting skills to be able to play someone that you almost dislike to becoming someone you root for speaks for itself. Also I almost did not recognize him as the person playing the lead and that says a lot in itself.
I absolutely loved him in Yong-pal, as Kim Tae-hyun. Yes it was another doctor role but one so different than his previous role. His character is a doctor that goes out at night to treat criminals or vigilantes so they do not come to the hospital. He has to do a lot of action scenes. He treats the vigilantes in order to make money to pay back his student loans and as well to save money so his sister can get the treatment she needs. He eventually becomes a big wig doctor taking care of the rich because one found out his secret but at the same time he gets entangled with the coma patient and takes up his way. His character was one I absolutely loved because he would do anything for the ones he loves and cares about. Plus he had an awesome bedside manner which made me want him to be a real doctor that would treat me.


He is a single pringle and ready to mingle. Right now he has been focusing on his acting career. He has an open mind when it comes to love and if you where to look up his ideal type one would be pleasantly surprised. Lets hope he finds a love thats for him but until then lets enjoy his acting skills.

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